hey I'm MR.Pretty the photographer I started started with a disposable film camera that was a Koda Which Is probably why I love film photography so much today this day. when I was ten years old I upgraded to a mirrorless Samsung camera that I don't have anymore but Chased photography with my phone for quite a few years until my early 20s when I finally bought an older cannon 1000D better known as Cannon's EOS series which has allowed me to make waves in the concert community here in Sudbury started my own business as of last year to turn my love for photography from a hobby into my lifestyle which has been an absolutely incredible journey that has taught me more than I could even mention in this small campaign story but I do hope you will join me on this adventure and if you feel so inclined maybe even be a part of this incredible journey. By donating or heading over to any of my social media platforms. To follow this amazing journey As it unfolds. I will be using the money I get from this campaign to upgrade camera gear, Dabble in a little bit of videography And help with different photo shoot ideas I can't wait to explore. Thank you so much for all your love and support. I appreciate each and everyone of you. No matter if you donate or not, thank you for being awesome And don't forget Mr. Pretty is the one to make you look your prettiest and best Stay tuned for more updates as they happen.