Parental Rights and Children's Rights are under attack.

We have filed in FEDERAL COURT and are prepared to go to the U.S. SUPREME COURT. 

It's time for every concerned American parent to join us before it's too late. This is NOT the time to remain silent. 

It's estimated by 2025 1 in every 3 parents will have an interaction with the State - to investigate their parenting, their children's "mental health", "gender identity" up to and including removal of their children. 

The Government wants to own our kids and abolish Parental Rights. We don't have much time to stop them.

Mom Army, Dad Army and MetooMoms are doing something about it. 

That's why we created a coalition called Mom Army Special Forces - focused on ONE THING ONLY:


We need your donations to TODAY! We need resources to WIN...and we must win FAST.

Children are in danger right NOW. This is a crisis and a NATIONAL EMERGENCY.

Our opposition is highly organized and well financed by our own tax dollars, big tech, big pharma and political interests.  We must be well funded, disciplined and organized to protect our freedoms.

Protests, legislation and overturning school boards are imperative. Other children need more immediate action.

Federal Litigation is the ONLY OPTION for children who have already been taken or are at risk of being taken. Precedent setting legal victory provides the best protection to eliminate the risk of future harm.

58,000 American Children a year are already being separated from good parents - it's about to get much worse. Currently, abused children are at the greatest risk - because they're highly profitable.  They are identified, targeted and exploited for profit over protection by rogue Courts. As a result, A CHILD IS MURDERED EVERY 6 DAYS.  Many other children and parents lives are destroyed, never to be fully healed or recovered.

Now they're expanding indoctrination of children for gender and mental health confusion, reproductive mutilation and medical experimentation.  Schools are working with Legislation and Courts to remove children from their safe homes into State facilities - isolated from their safe parents. 

Will you allow even one more American child to be isolated and abused by YOUR tax dollars?

We will #StopTheWarOnChildren and defend our Constitutionally Guaranteed Parental Rights in Court.

Join us before it's too late!
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#WeAreMomArmy #WeAreDadArmy - and we ain't backing down! 

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God's Children Are Not For Sale!