Momabears is a growing movement of women, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, friends and families that believe all children deserve their God given freedoms.  We are working together, using the talents God has bestowed on us, to lead the way.  Our children need us, and we will not stand by while their futures are slowly funneled into lives filled with fear and control.

Over the last year we gathered together with hundreds of North Dakotans.  We collected our courage, and used our pens and our voices to face down giants. Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars were spent creating local events across the state and collecting hundreds of signed affidavits to submit to our representatives demanding they uphold their oaths. 

In 2022 we are continuing and growing.  We will do more.  We won’t quit. We won’t believe the lies that some people have more value than others. We’re not done. This is our calling. MomaBears, and family, will continue to work to protect all those we love.

Please help us.  Freedom is NOT free.

Donations will go towards supporting women and mothers so that they can be involved in shaping the future of our children.  What does that mean exactly?
Your donations will go towards:
-child care
-homeschool support
-developing campaign strategy for mothers
-building connections (aka gas money)
-events (speakers, venues, etc)

In addition, your donation will go towards both the affidavits already sent and the ever growing collection of more letters.  Who knew mailing letters was so expensive!  We spent over $2000 dollars simply on making photocopies of affidavits in 2021.  Another $400+ was spent on postage!  Postage! 

We have many more local events coming and we will be hosting a larger freedom event in the summer of 2022.