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Goal : CAD $2,888
Raised : CAD $ 3,486

Although there are 2 Class Action lawsuits underway for victims of the Montreal Experiments and St. Thomas Psychiatric, there is none yet for children victims of these experiments that fall under the umbrella term, "MK Ultra".

Understanding the soul shattering experience of being a non consensual medical guinea pig starts with bringing justice against the state for allowing, condoning and covering up torture of innocent adults and children carried on in clinical settings under supervision of professional doctors and psychiatrists.

The paranormal genre seem to be the only one interested in exploring the crimes and outcomes for the victims of these experiments. The narratives of the alternative and mainstream medias stalls at relegating these declassified torture treatments as part of a dark past, whilst evidence abounds that outcomes of these experiments are used to collectively attempt to mind control an entire populace.

My name is Ellen Atkin and I am the only member of my natal family to have survived reasonably intact from these experiments. My younger brother died when he was 19. The cult, as I term it, intensely targeted my natal family. Both my deceased mother and father were patients of the notorious Dr. Ewen Cameron at the notorious Allan Memorial Institute at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. The Montreal Experiments Class Action seeks to address the wrongs done to them over 60 years ago.

My sister was drugged, electroshocked and psychologically tortured beginning at 16 years old for displaying minor bipolar symptoms. She does not have capacity to represent herself after 45 years of medical and familial malfeasance. I am fighting with her, on her behalf, in the St. Thomas Psychiatric Class Action.

In 2015, a few years into my quest for truth and justice about the nightmare I tried to leave behind me, I found an image on the web of a young girl meta tagged MK Ultra Girl. This image was the poster icon used to represent trauma based mind control on children. I instantly recognized myself. Now 7 years into this ordeal, I am setting out to prove once and for all that I am the image of the girl in the photo. 

I have obtained a quote from an Expert Witness Consulting Service who have looked at the case and stated that yes, it is possible to do the comparison. The total cost of the comparison (estimated at about 10 hrs work) is $4,500 Canadian dollars. This service includes a 2nd independent verification check. This company works with the DOD and the intelligence community. They are completely credible.

I am not the only adult survivor of childhood trauma based mind control torture whose image as a young child undergoing medical experimentation is found as stock imagery on the web. There are countless other surviving victims that have contacted me over the years. None have received any justice or healing.

It is my intention to use the evidence of the biometric facial scan to form the final class action for myself and my family, thus opening up the avenues for humanity to stand up for itself and put down the evil that seeks to replace the one true God with a manufactured version controlled by the same psychopaths who did this to my family.

I also invite anyone else who believes they are the living person in the MK Ultra Girl photo to participate in the biometric facial scan analysis.

Thank you for your time and consideration in helping me meet this goal.


Scan has begun
July 27, 2022
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The facial scan has begun. I have paused the campaign for now. If I need more funds, I will start a new one in USD. This has been a long time coming. It should have happened 5 years ago, but one person in particular conjoured up a tempest of fakes, frauds and shills to try to stop me. Truth always prevails. The mocking bird is dead.

On the bright side, all the parasites were exposed.

Now we wait for the results. Thank you so much to all my supporters and friends. This has been an incredible journey. I am honoured to be here with you all at this critical time in history. I can do my part by offering the evidence I do have and sharing the knowledge and experience I have from being a child involved in a generational mkultra test subject family.

I have learned so much about the hidden shame smeared on my family and who was behind it. I have fought for my right to exist and the rights of other children of trauma based mind control in Canada and beyond to exist. Now, we must be officially recognized and compensated.

There is still much more to investigate and learn. Thank you and stand by for more.

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