• Recipient - Mrs. Nikki Angelo, our teacher, mentor, friend

  • Campaign hosted by - her students and their families

  • Problem - Brain surgery for removal of tumor in the pineal gland

  • Need - Expenses for trip to NYC’s NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

  • Date of Surgery - July 27, 2022

  • Goal - $8500

  • CaringBridge Journey


Have you ever met an angel? Someone who blessed your life in ways that you never even knew you needed? Maybe your angel was a grandparent, a special aunt, a friend or neighbor, or maybe it was a teacher. In August of 2019, an angel walked into our lives. She joined our Classical Conversations homeschool community as a high school teacher with an extensive background in homeschooling, Classical education, science, math, and ballet, a deep love for her God, and a passionate love for teaching. She firmly, but ever so gently, took our students in hand and took them on a journey. Over the next three years together, that journey took them from sophomores to seniors, from shy homeschoolers to poised speakers, from timid followers to confident leaders, prepared for life and the crazy world they now face. 

Along the way, she encouraged them with her kindness and unshakeable faith, helped them turn their weaknesses into strengths, taught them how to think and articulate those thoughts, inspired them with her dedication, wisdom and kindness, prayed for them unceasingly, always required their best, and above all, loved them unconditionally. And in return, they worked hard to never disappoint her, they became fearlessly independent, they learned to teach others, they grew mighty and unashamed in their faith, and they returned her love fiercely. Teaching in our weekly co-op meetings is basically a volunteer position; the salary barely covered her gas for the 2 hour round trip. It did not cover the many, many hours she put into preparation each week, the hours spent on communication with students and parents, the hours spent coaching the mamas on everything from college prep to courses to transcripts to testing options, and the hours spent organizing and hosting multiple special events and activities for the students throughout the year. She did not do it for money; she did it for the love of her students and their families. It quickly became obvious to us that God sent us an angel to guide our kids on their journey through their final years of preparation for life and to make that journey memorable. Our angel's name was Miss Nikki.


In May 2021, “Miss Nikki”, as she is affectionately called by her students, discovered that the various symptoms and health challenges she had been dealing with for many months were the result of a mass in the pineal gland area of her brain. Although the mass was benign, its size was concerning as it was pressing on the brain and causing her some physical and cognitive issues. She entered into a 6 month trial phase with her medical team’s approval to try and reduce the tumor through natural healing methods like a strict dietary regimen, immune-boosting protocols, prayer & laying on of hands, and working with holistic practitioners. In spite of this huge health setback, she insisted on returning to teaching in fall of 2021 to see “her” students through to their graduation. She could not imagine not finishing that journey with them that they began together years ago. Not only that, but she took on additional responsibilities of offering multiple Algebra classes and tutoring for some of the students who needed extra help in those areas. All while she was battling a brain tumor, caring for her family, and supporting & encouraging the homeschooling moms in our community. She is indomitable. She is our angel. 

In December 2021, a scan revealed that the mass was still there, but had not grown further in size. Encouraged by this, she continued with all the natural healing and dietary protocols she had been faithfully implementing, along with fervent prayers, both her own and those of many others. Unfortunately, a new scan in the spring of 2022 revealed that the mass had begun growing again. It is now 15% larger than it was a year ago, affecting her daily life as a teacher, a wife, and a mother to her 2 sons. The area where the tumor is located is a difficult area to reach, directly in the center of the brain, and requires the hands of the most skilled and experienced surgeon in order to remove it successfully without causing further damage. Through the Brain Tumor Network, she was able to connect with one of the nation’s top neurosurgeons in New York City, whose office called her in early July and scheduled her surgery for July 27th.


Our community of homeschooling families has come together over the past year to support Miss Nikki with prayer, encouragement, and finances as much as we have been able to. Now we are reaching out to friends and family and friends of friends and our Christian brothers and sisters to help us help this family and this precious woman of faith. Thankfully, they have good insurance through her husband’s employer. However, even with that help, they are still looking at about $8500 needed to cover the deductible, copay, and expenses of the trip. They expect to be in New York for about 2 weeks for the surgery and post-op recovery period. 


  • Surgery deductible & copay - $2400

  • Airfare home from NYC- $500 (a donor covered their airfare to NYC)

  • Housing - $2200 ($160/night at House of the Redeemer)

  • Cab fees to & from hospital - $500 

  • Food - $1400 ($100/day. Nikki will have hospital food for her initial stay, but her husband will need to purchase food in the hospital cafeteria and they will need to buy food for both post-recovery)

  • Misc. Expenses - $1500

TOTAL: $8500

If you could please pray and ask God if He would have you donate towards our fundraising goal for Miss Nikki’s surgery expenses, I know this family would appreciate it so very much. You may donate just a flat amount, or if you prefer to donate towards a specific expense category, please indicate on your donation where you would like the monies to be applied. Miss Nikki is very conscientious about using donated funds towards their intended purpose. Above all, Miss Nikki covets YOUR PRAYERS! You can follow her health journey on CaringBridge at the link below. Her husband will be posting health updates and specific prayer requests for those who would like to support them in prayer. Thank you for whatever you can do to help “our angel” be able to continue ministering to more families who need her love and guidance.  

Please Follow Miss Nikki’s Journey on CaringBridge:

Thank you,

The Challenge IV Class of 2022 at Classical Conversations


I thank you for your many prayers for me as I have continued to fight this pineal gland brain tumor - benign in chemistry, but not benign in its mere presence. Recently, as I was resting, I felt as if I heard the Lord say that I was to have surgery on July 27. Not long after, Dr. Bruce’s office in NYC called and offered me a surgery date of July 27. I am thankful for the confirmation. I truly believe that this is the best course of action that Christ has chosen for me. While I still believe that He has the power to eradicate all sickness and disease with a single word (and I have experienced Him doing that in other situations), surgery is the path I have to take this time. Sometimes, he uses people to be His hands. My life verse continues to humble me: “Trust in the Lord and lean not unto your own understanding; in all your ways know Him and He will make straight your path.” (Proverbs 3:5) He is good and trustworthy. The phrase He gave me recently is “Always Trust. Always Hope. Always Praise.” In all things, I will trust Him. I will hope in Him. I will praise Him. Amen. 


My husband and I leave for NYC on July 25 to stay at House of the Redeemer until I am admitted to the hospital at Columbia University/NY Presbyterian, formerly Sloan-Kettering. I will certainly treasure your prayers! Prayers are powerful and effective according to God’s Word.

Prayer Requests:

  • Safe travels through NYC-Thanksgiving for Angelic Protection

  • A successful surgery that is smooth and peaceful for all involved-Thanksgiving for the Victory

  • A fast recovery from “Strength to Strength”-Thanksgiving for this Promise in Scripture (Psalm 84:5-7 and Psalm 29:11)

  • Peace and Love and Joy to Overflow-Thanksgiving for the Holy Spirit who brings Good Fruit

  • Unity

  • Financial Provision-And many thanks for all of the above