Are you feeling hopeless about the future? Do you think the best times are behind us?

I have two young kids in the public school system and I'm not sure that is the solution. Schools were originally created to make good workers. At Mini Titans we believe in the power of ownership and creating individuals who are independent thinkers. Entrepreneurship at it's core means you care about the wellbeing of people that's why you hire employees you care about solving an issue that will make someone's life better. 

We want to make the world a better place through impowering individuals and allowing them to makes mistakes while teaching them how to edge their risk. We also are a values based education firm that prioritizes:


Work ethic


Conflict resolution


Help us reach out goal of $5,126 and we are going to use the money to promote and advertise the start of our summer camp which will lead into a full-time school for children. The dreams of tomorrow start with the steps of today. Let's start to create sovereign self thinking people.