Help Iranian activist persecuted by Germany

The German government has taken unprecedented steps to isolate Iranian activist Abolghassem Mesbahi, 61, cutting off his ability to find work, contact the media, maintain a bank account or travel, in outright violation of German and European Union law, international human rights standards, the United Nations Charter, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The Foundation for Democracy in Iran is sponsiring this campaign to raise money to help Mesbahi and his family meet their immediate needs, and to help them to emigrate from Germany.

We urge all like-minded human rights organizations to read Mesbahi's declaration, which you will find at, and to raise Mesbahi's case with members of the Bundestag, the German government, and international organizations.

Mesbahi's story:

Mesbahi initially came to Germany in 1996 as a political refugee, and subsequently acquired German citizenship along with his family. That is what makes his current situation all the more outrageous. The German government is actually persecuting a German citizen, without ever accusing him of a crime!

For many years, he was forced by the German government to live a clandestine existence in the witness protection program, as he was assisting federal prosecutors in the Mykonos case. Known as "Witness C" to the media during the 1996 trial, his testimony ultimately led the German court to indict top Iranian government officials, including the Supreme Leader and then-president Hashemi-Rafsanjani, for their role in ordering the assassination of Kurdish dissident leaders Sadegh Sharafkindi, Fattah Abdoli and Homayoun Ardalan, and translator Nouri Dehkordi, at the Mykonos restaurant in Berlin on September 17, 1992.

He was also a witness in the AMIA prosecution in Argentina, and in the Iran-9/11 case (Havlish v. Osama bin Laden et al) that ultimately led to more than $16 billion in damages against the government of the Islamic regime in Iran. (See:

Mesbahi and his family have been thrown out of their apartment in Germany and are currently living thanks to assistance from local churches. The German government has denied him access to health care and the social welfare safety net afforded to all German citizens, in violation of German law. As Mesbahi told FDI, "the German government has placed me in a category of one. No one else in this country is treated this way."

When Mesbahi attempted to relocate to Canada several years ago, the German government intervened with the Canadian authorities to get him expelled from the country.
We believe this outrageous persecution of a brave defector and human rights advocate stems from the crass material interests of German industry, which sees Iran as a cash cow for German exports. But more important, it demonstrates to abject political cowardice of German leaders from 1999 until today. Shame on you, Gerhard Schroeder! Shame on you, Angela Merkel!

Your donations are much appreciated and will be forwarded directly to Mesbahi and his family. If you leave your email, we will ask Mr. Mesbahi to thank-you directly.

(Please note: we are charged a 2.9% processing fee, and have agreed to donate 3% from all donations to GiveSendGo to help sponsor their donation platform. We are not using GoFundMe or other more well-known crowd-funding sites because they have a history of deplatforming programs they find political objectionable.)




1st donations sent
April 15, 2021
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A heartful thanks to all who have donated so far. Today I was able to forward the money collected so far - close to $600 - to Mr. Mesbahi.

- Ken Timmerman

Thank-you from Mesbahi
April 15, 2021
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بنی آدم اعضای یک دیگرند.    که در آفرینش زیک گوهرند

Dear lady, dear Sir 

The influences of Mullahs in Europe in particular on people who stand for freedom are enormous.

Unfortunately me and my family are the victims of this influence in Germany and because we decided to stand against Mullahs permanently and never gave up, they have isolated us for a long time.

I am a hard worker and highly educated person but in the last six years, the German government has isolated me from all kind of activities.

In this situation, we called for help and you answered our call,

Thank you, thank you very much 



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