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Joeylynn and Robert Mesaros proudly exercised their 1st Amendment right, expressing their support for President Trump’s re-election as they drove along with the Biden campaign bus through Texas on October 30, 2020. It is no surprise that the Democrats lied about what happened on that day and since then, and these lies have been maliciously perpetuated by mainstream media. Now, Democrats and their partisan law firms have filed a frivilous federal lawsuit in Austin, seeking to weaponize the court system against Conservatives by threatening the Mesaros's and others with massive financial damages claims.

The Mesaros's are hardworking, God-fearing patriots under attack for exercising their 1st Amendment right. Joeylynn is an amazing stay-at-home mom who homeschools one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet, and Robert is a Master Plumber, part of the backbone of America. Robert was one of the first to lend a helping hand to neighbors during the snow storm crisis that devastated South Texas earlier this year. But currently those conservative Christian values that the Mesaros's possess have fallen under attack in this lawsuit.

Quite shockingly, Robert and Joeylynn learned that they were both named in this lawsuit through a mainstream media press release, well before ever being served. After finding multiple slanderous and defaming mainstream news articles with their full names listed, they sought legal counsel. Thankfully, The Mesaros's have retained an attorney who is not only passionate about our Constitutional rights and freedoms but is also highly qualified to aggressively plead their case. Najvar Law Firm LLC boldly stated, "These kinds of tactics will not stand. Najvar Law Firm LLC is not merely going to defend this lawsuit and exonerate Robert and Joeylynn Mesaros; we will stand up for the truth and call out the Democrats’ malicious lies. This entire lawsuit is replete with lies and half-truths, illustrating that the plaintiffs cannot make a good case by sticking to the actual facts. We will not be intimidated. My clients will not be intimidated. And you should not be intimidated either. The Democrats and the media can only perpetuate their lies and half-truths as long as we let them. This lawsuit is an abuse of the judicial system, and it will not stand."

The lawsuit was filed at the Federal Court level. As you can imagine, legal fees are extremely expensive, and the complexity and severity of the situation is overwhelming for the Mesaros's. Legal fees are estimated to reach in excess of $200,000 simply to defend themselves against the frivolous lawsuit claims. This is why we’re here, to help advocate and raise funds to assist with legal fees on their behalf. 

This brave family is passionate when it comes to fighting for truth. The Mesaros's humbly ask for your financial and prayerful support as they navigate a season of life they never imagined would happen. Anything you can do would be life-changing: $5, $25, $50, $100, etc. This is not a family to ask for handouts, but Conservatism is under attack. During this difficult season, it is important to stand up and push back. It could easily be you next!

As a result of this lawsuit, Joeylynn an Robert are passionate to share their story and educate the community on the importance of standing up and defending our basic freedoms. To see where Joeylynn and Robert will be sharing their story next, please visit: 



Attorney Statement Re: Motion to Dismiss
August 28, 2021
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Mesaroses Move to Dismiss Frivolous Lawsuit by Biden Campaign Operatives and Surrogate Wendy Davis

Democrats' lawsuit alleges "intimidation" from October 2020 Texas Trump Train

In July, Joeylynn and Robert Mesaros, a couple from New Braunfels, were served with a lawsuit. Former Texas Senator Wendy Davis and three Democratic operatives and contractors involved in the Biden Presidential campaign had sued the Mesaroses, along with several other Trump supporters, alleging civil conspiracy and civil rights violations. The lawsuit targets the Mesaroses and the other defendants for their participation in a Trump Train event in October 2020, expressing their support for President Trump’s re-election as the Biden bus traveled through central Texas. The Mesaroses have now asked the court to dismiss all claims, and Plaintiffs have to respond by September 13.

Wendy Davis and the other plaintiffs are represented by no fewer than ten attorneys, primarily from New York City and Washington, D.C. Najvar Law Firm PLLC, of Houston, Texas, was retained by the Mesaroses.

“When the Mesaroses first called me, I immediately remembered the Trump Train from the day at issue here,” said NLF principal attorney Jerad Najvar. “I had seen events unfold on Twitter in real time, as Democrats shared a short video clip of an interaction between a white car and a black truck with a Trump flag, behind the Biden campaign bus. Democrats made the sensational claim that the Trump Train folks had tried to run the bus off the road and were driving aggressively.” “However,” Najvar continued, “for anyone with eyes to see, the longer video circulating on Twitter showed the real story. The Biden staffer in the white car had actually instigated the incident, trying to cut off the Trump truck. Democrats had edited the video to make the incident look like the Trump truck was the aggressor, where, in fact, the opposite was true.”

The black Trump truck in that incident was not driven by the Mesaroses. But the Democrats have made that interaction the centerpiece of a lawsuit claiming intimidation by the Trump Train drivers, and have sued a handful of drivers that they identified.

“The lawsuit proceeds just like the whole viral story began: based on a blatant lie,” Najvar said. “The Democrats have lied about what happened on that day and since then, and these lies have been repeated by lazy corporate media who fail to undertake the most basic inquiry into the facts. Now, Democrats and their partisan law firms have filed a federal lawsuit in Austin, seeking to weaponize the court system against conservatives, threatening the Mesaroses and others with massive financial damages claims.”

Earlier this month, NLF filed a motion to dismiss all claims against the Mesaroses. The Defendants have until September 13 to respond, and then the Court will either rule or will set the matter for a hearing. “The claims are baseless, legally and factually, and I expect them to be dismissed in full, not just against the Mesaroses but against all defendants,” Najvar said. “But we will not merely be seeking dismissal. The lawsuit is replete with lies and half-truths, and nobody should be allowed to get away with that. I plan to hold these Democrat plaintiffs and their attorneys accountable for this abuse of the court system and abuse of my clients’ time. So we will be filing additional documents soon, and demanding answers for these misleading claims.”

The case is Cervini v. Cisneros, No. 1:21-cv-00565, pending in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, before Judge Pitman in Austin.

Najvar Law Firm, PLLC, based in Houston, focuses on litigation and appeals in election and constitutional matters. NLF has successfully litigated several constitutional cases, including serving as co-counsel to Plaintiff Shaun McCutcheon in McCutcheon v. FEC (2014), in which the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the federal aggregate limits on campaign contributions under the First Amendment.

Update #2
August 10, 2021
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On Monday, August 9, 2021, Robert and Joeylynn's legal team filed a motion to dismiss the frivolous lawsuit and 'award the Mesaros's such fees, costs, or other relief as to which the court finds they are entitled'. Robert and Joeylynn remain optimistic, and refuse to be intimidated.

Update #1
July 18, 2021
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Robert and Joeylynn have both been served via hand delivery on Saturday, July 17, 2021. They have 21 days to respond. 


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