THIS CAMPAIGN IS MANAGED BY A FRIEND OF MEGHANS. ALL DONTATIONS GO DIRECTLY TO MEGHAN. Meghan Walsh is the daughter of John and Reve Walsh (America's Most Wanted).In a nefarious campaign to silence her from revealing her story and family's history, they have illegally used their contacts through CPS: Child Protective Services (who is well known for child trafficking), to illegally steal her four children away from her (the youngest was 5 days old when they took her from her mother's arms and she is not pictured). They have seized her assets and have sold her house from underneath her. The Walsh's are attempting to adopt out her children all without due cause or Meghan's consent. It is not clear whether or not the children are safe in their present environment under John and Reve Walsh's supervision. If anything, Meghan believes her children are not safe due to her personal experiences as a child of the Walsh's. Meghan's kids need to be with her.  Please donate to help her with legal fees, etc, to regain custody of her children. Meghan's case affects us ALL as she is fighting to stop child trafficking for every child and family. PLEASE HELP HER WIN!