Campaign Created by: Lalainia Kline

Goal : USD $10,000
Raised : USD $ 3,888
Mea Ola's Place, a place where miracles happen--for both people and animals-- needs its own miracle!  We've lost our lease and need a new home!  What's more, we have to be out of our current location by February first!

For over three years, we have served our present community, located near the southern edge of the Mojave Desert in California, as more than a Horse Rescue.  We use these unwanted and rescued horses, as well as other animals, as special "therapists" to aid Military Service members, sexual abuse survivors, adults and children burdened with various mental challenges, senior citizens in need of friendship, as well as others suffering from various emotional issues including victimization and depression. Our programs include Equine Assisted Therapy, Kid's Camps, Horse-themed Birthday Parties, and more. Our home has been open to visitors from around the country as well. Unfortunately, our lease for the ranch we have called home for the last three years will not be renewed, and the property will be sold.

Wanting to stay in the community we love and serve, we set out to find a place here in Phelan where we could continue to operate this non-profit, keep our current volunteers, and not abandon the people that have come to love and need M.O.P. (em-oh-pee).  We were hoping and praying to find a suitable property to purchase so this disruption would not happen ever again.

Those prayers have been answered, and we have found the perfect place for us to not only continue, but to also expand our programs. This new place will belong to the non-profit organization itself, to the horses and other animals that call Mea Ola's Place home. We will pay rent to the organization for the house, so we can live on site to continue our care of the animals and facilitate the programs. The property could never be sold in the future unless it was sold to another non-profit organization. The ranch is already set up for horses which will make our move much easier, and safe during winter. It is located on a paved road which will make access easier for our clients, and it has facilities in place for the programs we currently facilitate and will allow us to grow.

As part of this planned growth, we added a Foster Youth Coordinator this past fall and have started developing programs for our County's foster children that will be added next year. We have also offered any of our available programs at no cost to the families and victims of the San Bernardino shooting, and to the first responders and their families, in 2016. Phelan is located just thirty-five miles north of San Bernardino.

The owner of the property where we hope to relocate believes in our vision and is willing to carry the note for M.O.P. to own the ranch. This will require a substantial down payment. We are going to need help with this, as every dime we have made in the last three years has gone to facilitate the miraculous recoveries of several seriously unwell rescued horses, along with financing the upkeep and feeding of the herd of eighteen, all while providing several programs at little or no cost to members of the community.

We believe we can reach this goal!  Will you believe with us? 

Any donation amount will be a gift that keeps on giving. Donations are 100% tax-deductible! We also need and appreciate prayers and shares. Please visit our website at to learn more about our organization and the horses, our history, supporters, and friends. Feel free to visit us on facebook as well. Our contact information is available at either Web place and we welcome visitors from near and far. Contact us if you would like to visit the ranch in the future to meet the horses, and to see what a difference you have made!


Update #1
January 8, 2016
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I was able to lower our goal amount here again after monies added from checks and paypal donations this week... 

Keep sharing and praying! We are getting closer and closer! Thank you everyone!

Ann Kline


Update #2
December 30, 2015
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I have some GREAT news!  We have been able to lower our goal amount on this fundraiser as we have just over $32,000 now to go towards our down payment. This has come in checks, through our website and via private donors. All of this will be available to see on the 990 we will file in 2016. We need a total of $50,000 for the down payment...and we are over half way there! Please continue to share! We have just over a week left!  Thank you all so very much!     Ann Kline

Update #3
December 16, 2015
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Thank you all for sharing and for the donations! No amount is too small. We also have our pay pal donations from the website to add here, and the donations from our "on foot" campaign, as well as checks that come in. Please do not be discouraged to give a small amount if you can. Mea Ola's Place has been proof positive that little things add up. Our base is made up of many people of simple means, including ourselves. It is only together that we have been able to do such great things! As always, prayers and shares are appreciated so much more than you will ever know!
Ann Kline


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