Dear Friends,

For those of you unfamiliar with our situation, our dad, Matt, began struggling with severe depression and anxiety two years ago. Together, Matt and our mom, Myrthe, have been navigating mental illness treatment with little improvement. Due to unforeseen circumstances, they experienced a fire on July 1st in which they lost their home and all possessions. By the grace of God, no one sustained serious physical injuries. The loss of a home with its personal touch, pictures and sentimental items unfortunately cannot be replaced. As a result of his following hospitalization, our dad has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, which we hope will provide clarity and momentum to his treatment. However, the diagnosis has offered a new level of devastation as it is progressive and not reversible.

Matt and Myrthe moved to Eau Claire (Wisconsin) area over 30 years ago and have wholeheartedly invested themselves in the community while raising their two girls, Emma and Amanda. They have been consistent and active participants in Sacred Heart Saint Patrick's Parish and the Regis Community. While their daughters attended Regis, and even after, you were likely to see them in the seats for various sporting events, band concerts and theatrical productions. They have very consciously and generously committed their time, talent and treasure to the people of these communities and beyond.  Regardless of their own circumstances, they have been an incredible support for so many who have been blessed to know them throughout the years. Mostly recently, they have taken great joy in becoming grandparents and helping us raise these beautiful, little humans.

The gifts that you so generously give will be used for the care and treatment of our dad, for housing and everyday items that were lost in the fire. The emotional and material loss they suffered has been overwhelming and your support of them is greatly appreciated. We cling to the warmth of God's redeeming love and daily try to place our trust in the Lord. Most importantly, let us storm heaven with prayers for Matt and Myrthe as they adjust to this new normal and work to rebuild their lives.

We want to thank all of you for your generous outpouring of love and support. Moments like these remind us how richly blessed we are with our family, friends and community. It is overwhelming and humbling.

Warmly, Emma and Amanda