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When it comes to medical care and public health policy, do you think that the patients deserve a seat at the table? Well, I certainly do. My name is Diane Kane, I am an MCAS and a SARS patient, and I am committed to affecting systemic change within healthcare through MCAS research, education and advocacy. To that end, I am currently writing a scientific research book entitled The MCAS and Covid-19 Theory and I am seeking your support for this important medical treatise.

Unbeknownst to most people, including most doctors, a blood disorder called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (or MCAS for short, pronounced em-kass) is altering the immune systems of an estimated 17% of the global population. It is vital for the world to understand how this blood disorder will influence the host immune response to Covid-19 and your support will help to make this possible.

By supporting The MCAS and Covid-19 Theory GiveSendGo Campaign you are helping to develop a high-impact advocacy tool which will ultimately influence the development of safer and more effective healthcare options for everyone, worldwide and without prejudice.

You are helping to create access for all global citizens to groundbreaking independent medical research.

You are helping to provide a much-needed educational opportunity for doctors, scientists, public health policymakers and all who are interested in expanding their understanding of human health and disease.

You are giving voice to millions of marginalized patients who are struggling with Covid-19, Long Covid and many other acute and chronic illnesses which members of the medical community currently do not have access to the necessary research to adequately understand.

By supporting The MCAS and Covid-19 Theory GiveSendGo Campaign you are helping to swing open the closed doors of investigational science and to improve global immunity against future epidemics.

The fact of the matter is that we have vital and provable scientific findings which are not being factored into our current healthcare policies and this book collates, interprets and presents this groundbreaking new immunological science in great detail, for the first time.

Gaining greater insight into MCAS, which is a commonly occurring but rarely diagnosed immunological syndrome, could provide the scientific tools needed to identify who amongst us is most vulnerable to symptomatic and severe Covid-19 episodes, as well as providing assistance to the Long Covid patients who are beset by persisting medical challenges.

Moreover, increasing awareness of the emergent mast cell science will provide doorways to healing for many within the chronic illness community, it will allow the world to reduce vulnerability to future infectious diseases, it will provide etiological insights into the cause of many communicable and non-communicable diseases, and it will allow for the development of safer drugs and improved patient care.

A lot of you may ask, “Why is a patient writing a medical textbook?” This is a good question. The answer is because the patient’s perspective is valuable and what we have to say matters. Healthcare is meant to exist for the patients and yet we have so little influence over the policies and practices which we are affected by in the course of our care. We need to rectify this omission by giving voice to the patient experience.

Just as important as asking why a patient is writing this book is the question of why our public research institutes and global health agencies are not conducting this work themselves on the public's behalf, and why it is not then made available for public review and open scientific debate? Who collates all of the scientific research that is conducted annually, much of it at taxpayer expense? Who is seeking to understand the underlying and causal factors which determine human health and disease? Who are the gatekeepers of the patient's best interests within our institutions of public health? One very good answer as to why a patient is writing this book is because nobody else is doing so and yet it absolutely must be done.

The project funding required for the completion of The MCAS and Covid-19 Theory is $100,000. The money that is raised will provide a modest income for me while I complete the book. Funding has also been included in this budget to support the maintenance of www.talkMCAS.com and to allow for the further distribution of the early chapters of the treatise which are currently serving as a public health advocacy document.

Review of The MCAS and Covid-19 Theory (the Early Chapters of Volume One) from John Libertino, M.D.

Dear Diane, 

I carefully read your treatise on The MCAS and Covid-19 Theory. I am very impressed with the scientific and medical content supporting your theory that epigenetic changes in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, as an underlying diagnosis, may be the reason that these patients are the ones most severely impacted by Covid-19 infections. 

I am astounded by your research, writing skills and the synthesis of the treatise.Reading this one would correctly assume that you have an advanced degree in cellular biology.I can’t tell you how blown away I am by the research, documentation, clarity of thought, and synthesis of biology, chemistry and immunology you have achieved. 

I must confess that you are way beyond my level of sophistication regarding the MCAS and its inter-relationship with Covid-19.I look forward to reading the completed textbook.Your efforts on behalf of patients makes me as a physician proud to know you. 

Best of luck with the rest of the book.



John Libertino, MD, is chair of urology at Emerson Hospital and practices with Emerson Urology Associates. Prior to joining Emerson in 2016, Dr. Libertino held several senior positions at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, including CEO and chairman, chairman of the division of surgery, vice chairman of the board of trustees, and director of the Sophia Gordon Cancer Center. 

*To gain a greater understanding of MCAS and Covid, and the challenges we are facing with these inter-related diseases, please visit www.talkMCAS.com for free access to the Introduction, The Host Factor and MCAS chapters of The MCAS and Covid-19 Theory.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this vital work.

Your support is greatly appreciated.