The Sheriff of J6

Campaign Created by: Colton’s Angel’s

The funds from this campaign will be received by Sarah McAbee.

Goal: USD $150,000
Raised: USD $ 29,025

And when the call came to stand up for our nation, Ronald Colton McAbee stood and said, “Send Me.”

January 6, 2021, was a historic day in our nation. One that will forever be remembered. As the nation’s foundation called, Colt, along with many, heeded the call and went to our nation’s capitol that day to stand up for what’s right. For our rights. For our future. And in August 2021, they came for him. He was apprehended in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, Colt has been held without bond in the DC Gulag when after a Tennessee Magistrate Judge ordered his release.

From a very young age, Colt knew that he wanted to help people and to make a difference in the world. He chose to pursue a career in law enforcement where he could help those incarcerated turn their lives around. Each day when he came home from work, his four-year-old neighbor would be outside watching. Colt had become a hero to the boy. One day, Colt walked next door to talk with the boy. Colt learned that the boy too wanted to become a police officer. He told the young boy, “You will be a great officer. You can do good in your community by helping others and you will be able to influence people for good.” The young boy tried on Colt's shirt and beamed with pride. This is the Colt McAbee we know.

Colt has always looked to help others. Many awards would follow in his career, including a life-saving award that hangs on his wall. He had saved the life of one of the incarcerated. As many people will tell you who know Colt, “He would give you the shirt off his back. He is so selfless and puts others before himself. He has such a big heart and is passionate about the things he loves.” This is the Colt McAbee we know.

All of these traits were on full display on January 6, especially love for his country. When chaos broke out at the capitol, Colt was helping others around him. He even tried to save the life of a fellow patriot, Roseanne Boyland.

Colt is just like us. A fellow patriot who loves his country and respects others. For anyone who knows Colt, you know a kind, courteous, respectful, young man who is fiercely loyal to those close to him. As one friend put it, “He has grown into a man that I am proud to know. He takes responsibility seriously, is reliable, kind, compassionate, and trustworthy …” When Colt worked in law enforcement, he treated each person as a human being, never judging them, and uplifting and empowering them to become better. This is the Colt McAbee we know.

Another person who knows Colt shared this life changing moment for them of him “… I even watched as Colt pulled money from his own wallet to give to an employee of mine that was in need. He did not want an ounce of recognition … because accolades isn’t what this man needs. He has walked through flame and fire to stand for what we know in our hearts is right.” This is the Colt McAbee we know.

That is what called Colt to DC. “To stand for what we know in our hearts is right.” Standing up for what is right motivated another person to share this about him, “Colt has an outstanding character, ethical and moral compass. He has always been the type of individual to help others in need and holds himself to a higher standard along with those around him …” This is the Colt McAbee we know.

Colton McAbee is just like many. A husband. A son. A brother. A patriot, but he is not just any patriot. He is a J6 patriot. He is a J6 warrior. He is a fellow American who is resolute and steadfast in protecting our freedoms. He is standing in the gap for all of us. Standing in the gap for the constitution. Standing in the gap for future generations of Americans. And it has come with a high cost. Please consider giving to Colt. His prayers are to have all J6 patriots and families protected, for the truth to prevail, and for all of the J6 patriots to return home to their family. Thank you for your generous hearts and thank you from the bottom of ours. We are forever grateful.


Abuse to an Innocent Pretrial Detainee in the DC Gulag
September 6, 2022
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On September 5, 2022 around 11:30am my phone started to blow up. A feeling no one likes and took me right back to that very dreadful day in August of last year. I was receiving messages from other J6ers, calls from J6ers family members, and people that I didn’t even know telling me that Colt was attacked, beaten, assaulted by Lieutenant Lancaster in the pod, while Colt was handcuffed behind his back. Five minutes prior: the Correctional Officer opened the cell door to let Colt get his morning medication from the nurse. He walked approximately 25 feet to the nurse, was alone and distanced. Lancaster grabbed him and then sprayed him directly in the face. Why? He wasn’t wearing a COVID mask. She sprayed him a second time at point blank range while he was cuffed, tackled him and hit him. When the pod, rightfully got up in arms about an unjustified assault; the ERT team, (which is this jail's version of SWAT), came running in to assault the rest of them. Several of the officers were grabbing people by their necks and jamming mace canisters against their faces as they shoved people into their cells so they could rough handle Colt without interference. He was taken to the hole, then returned to C2B because of his status of protected custody. Not only because he is a J6er but he is a law enforcement officer as well. Except he isn't in his cell anymore. They isolated him and the others to cells where the pod cameras don't reach. Remind you of Ryan Samsel? He was left in a cell covered in the spray for over eight hours of torture, unable to de-contaminate and rinse off his burning skin. This Lieutenant has been banned previously from their pod for her dirty, nasty behavior towards them. Calling them white supremacists and terrorists. From one of the men: Please tell the world about this terrible situation. She needs to be fired. She does nothing but cause problems every time she comes in here. It’s not right. Please tell everyone you can we are all on a hunger strike. The world needs to know how bad were being treated! As for Colt, this fight is far from over. We will continue to fight for his rights as an American Citizen and for the truth to prevail.

My Fellow American’s
January 22, 2022
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An update from our warrior:

We are still on 22/2 (lockdown), but we are doing as well as expected. We are experiencing more and more control by the DOC. I think they know that what is about to happen! I hear people say we are winning - I believe it! The hope in these men is still there, although most have been here for over a year. That keeps me going. 

They may lock us up. They may throw away the key and keep us in here for an unknown amount of time, but what they cannot stop is the Freedom loving American pride that we have. Every night at 9:00pm ET, we sing (more like make a joyful noise) the Anthem! And we make it known that the flag was STILL THERE. We are TRUE Americans. We love our country. We love our Constitution. We are Patriots. 

Even though we may be subject to various kinds of civil rights and humanitarian rights violations, I know that we can take whatever is thrown at us. Because at the end of the day, we are the Men of America. For many of us, it\'s our first incarceration. We’ve had to adapt and survive. There are so many things that has happened that I cannot speak about at this time. But know, we will NEVER back down. We hold our beliefs true to heart. We may have some bad days, but that happens when the judges won\'t give us bail and push trial over and over again. We will overcome these obstacles. We will rise. The truth will prevail. 

My fellow Americans, don\'t forget about us, but remember us in everything you do. Do not let them take your freedoms, for they are your God given RIGHTS! In whatever you do, do in PEACE. 

Stay strong. Keep the faith. Where we go one, we go all.

God bless You!

God bless America!

-R. McAbee, your fellow Patriot

A Message from Ronald
January 7, 2022
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For all,

Thank you for your continuing fight for the truth! Like a phoenix, there is always a rebirth through fire. This is my fire. This is my battle. I can and will bear this burden. I\'ve trained my whole life. Throughout all the heartaches, physical, mental, and emotional trauma, all of the hard decisions, and my work in law enforcement. . . I can say I was prepared even before I knew I was prepared. 

The years of sports, men in my life, and God teaching me what matters most in my life and how to uphold my beliefs, thank you. And the women who filled the void, thank you. Thank you for teaching me how to feel, how to show my feelings, how to show compassion to my fellow man, how to stand when there is nothing left. To those who have gone before me and might’ve never met, but influenced me to my core, thank you for showing me, through your legacies, for what it means to be a man, a leader, a patriot, to never give up and never back down. I am forever grateful.

I love you all. Each and every one of you had a role to play in my life. Each and every one of you prepared me for things I would never see coming. Some prepared me physically. Some mentally. Some emotionally. And to those that prepared me spiritually, thank you so much. Certain words speak louder than others, and actions always trump words. 

To the supporters across the nation that I don\'t even know (yet), thank you. Your support, encouragement, thoughts and prayers mean so much. Strangers have stood beside me, without knowing me, more than some of my own \'family & friends\'. God sends storms in life to clear the path. And for that, I am appreciative. I hope to meet or at least speak to each and every one of you in the future. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Keep the faith. The truth will prevail. God will win this war.

January 6th
January 6, 2022
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Join us in lighting a candle in honor of Colt. There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism. And that\'s exactly what Ronald did a year ago. You see, this is not just any movement, it\'s the movement. This isn\'t just about our family, it\'s about the hundreds of families across America that have been effected by this. There are moments where the words don\'t reach and the suffering is too terrible. We are working through the unimaginable, but together we are stronger. Together we are one. 

It\'s time to take a stand. Those who stand for nothing fall for anything. And Ronald stood in the gap for all of us on January 6th. Tonight, raise a glass for our hero and to freedom - something they can never take away, no matter what they tell you. Soon there will be more of us telling this exact story. History has its eyes on him. And we are honored to stand with Ronald. 

From Ronald, "Thank you to all of those who have stood by my side through all of this. Your support means more than I could ever say. A wise woman once told me \'Nothing has ever come easy in your life, why do you think it is going to be easy now?\' God chose me to bear this burden, along with others, so hopefully generations to come won\'t have to. I can\'t begin to explain the journey I\'ve been on, but I can tell you that I\'ve seen God\'s hand every step of the way. Much love from the Patriot Wing." 

Join us as we hold hands across the nation and sing The National Anthem at 9:00pm ET with the political prisoners. 

Please continue to pray for Ronald, our family, our attorneys, and for what lies ahead. Your thoughts and prayers mean so much. This has been a complete faith walk, but we know God is in control of ALL of this. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping us fight the good fight. Justice WILL win. The truth WILL prevail. Ronald WILL rise above.

Jan6 for D.C. Kids
November 22, 2021
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The men of the J6 pod have come together to create a fund for their fellow brothers across the jail to give their families a very Merry Christmas. 

"We have all had a rough year being held here in DC and we appreciate all of the love and support we have received, but it's the time of year to give, not receive.  

So we wanted to temporarily take the focus off of us and direct it to those in need here in DC, our local community.  All of the donations we receive will go to the children of our fellow inmates on the other side of the jail, or the local community.  We hope you will give to this great cause and help us bring joy to the kids here in DC!  We thank you for your support.  Merry Christmas and God Bless America!

Thank You!
November 17, 2021
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The J6ers are like all of us. Lovers of family, of community and they LOVE America. Now, they need our help; they need all of us. It's our turn to show them we appreciate their courage! This has personally touched our family and we are reaching out to all patriots to join us in honoring the cost of the courage displayed on J6.​

The J6 movement is not just any movement, it’s THE MOVEMENT, so now is the time to stand as one. Now is the time to stand for something instead of falling for anything. We are asking you to rally around us. To cover our flank per say. As a family we've always given to others anonymously because it was an honor to do so. Never wanting the spotlight, the credit, or the fame. However, we have been personally affected by the aftermath of J6 and we would be honored if you would come alongside us. We've heard with our own ears the National Anthem being sung from inside the walls of those incarcerated, and it leaves you with goosebumps. Patriots honoring their country even in the midst of their own turmoil every night at 9pm (ET). ​

We truly appreciate your monetary gifts, prayers, and thoughts. Even the smallest gift can leave a huge impression. Please share Mac's Give Send Go with your patriot family and friends so that they too may help stand in the gap. Please help us bring awareness to those being held from J6 until today. We’re all in this together! Thank you!​

Raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away. No matter what they tell you.


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