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And when the call came to stand up for our nation, Ronald Colton McAbee stood and said, “Send Me.”

January 6, 2021, was a historic day in our nation. One that will forever be remembered. As the nation’s foundation called, Colt, along with many, heeded the call and went to our nation’s capitol that day to stand up for what’s right. For our rights. For our future. And in August 2021, they came for him. He was apprehended in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, Colt has been held without bond in the DC Gulag when after a Tennessee Magistrate Judge ordered his release.

From a very young age, Colt knew that he wanted to help people and to make a difference in the world. He chose to pursue a career in law enforcement where he could help those incarcerated turn their lives around. Each day when he came home from work, his four-year-old neighbor would be outside watching. Colt had become a hero to the boy. One day, Colt walked next door to talk with the boy. Colt learned that the boy too wanted to become a police officer. He told the young boy, “You will be a great officer. You can do good in your community by helping others and you will be able to influence people for good.” The young boy tried on Colt's shirt and beamed with pride. This is the Colt McAbee we know.

Colt has always looked to help others. Many awards would follow in his career, including a life-saving award that hangs on his wall. He had saved the life of one of the incarcerated. As many people will tell you who know Colt, “He would give you the shirt off his back. He is so selfless and puts others before himself. He has such a big heart and is passionate about the things he loves.” This is the Colt McAbee we know.

All of these traits were on full display on January 6, especially love for his country. When chaos broke out at the capitol, Colt was helping others around him. He even tried to save the life of a fellow patriot, Roseanne Boyland.

Colt is just like us. A fellow patriot who loves his country and respects others. For anyone who knows Colt, you know a kind, courteous, respectful, young man who is fiercely loyal to those close to him. As one friend put it, “He has grown into a man that I am proud to know. He takes responsibility seriously, is reliable, kind, compassionate, and trustworthy …” When Colt worked in law enforcement, he treated each person as a human being, never judging them, and uplifting and empowering them to become better. This is the Colt McAbee we know.

Another person who knows Colt shared this life changing moment for them of him “… I even watched as Colt pulled money from his own wallet to give to an employee of mine that was in need. He did not want an ounce of recognition … because accolades isn’t what this man needs. He has walked through flame and fire to stand for what we know in our hearts is right.” This is the Colt McAbee we know.

That is what called Colt to DC. “To stand for what we know in our hearts is right.” Standing up for what is right motivated another person to share this about him, “Colt has an outstanding character, ethical and moral compass. He has always been the type of individual to help others in need and holds himself to a higher standard along with those around him …” This is the Colt McAbee we know.

Colton McAbee is just like many. A husband. A son. A brother. A patriot, but he is not just any patriot. He is a J6 patriot. He is a J6 warrior. He is a fellow American who is resolute and steadfast in protecting our freedoms. He is standing in the gap for all of us. Standing in the gap for the constitution. Standing in the gap for future generations of Americans. And it has come with a high cost. Please consider giving to Colt. His prayers are to have all J6 patriots and families protected, for the truth to prevail, and for all of the J6 patriots to return home to their family. Thank you for your generous hearts and thank you from the bottom of ours. We are forever grateful.


Snow Day | January 2024
January 16, 2024
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A note from Colton as the winter storm hits. ❄️ 

As I laid my head down last night, bundled up in my sweats, sheets, and thin blankets, I looked out of my window and saw the snow falling. Looking down at the little grassy area, I saw the snow start to accumulate. I thought, ‘what a pretty sight in here’. Amidst the falling snow, my thoughts soared to a different place, any place but here – a place untouched by cells, barbed wire, or echoes of shouts. Everything was gone. 

I was home. I was with my family and my two dogs. We were drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream and peppermint, a personal favorite for me. I could taste it! We went outside to play in the snow, threw snowballs, and made snow angels. I felt the coldness and shivers down my spine! I felt the warmth of my family hugging me. I heard my dogs barking and running. And oh, children giggling down the street as they went sledding.

“This was honestly one of the best nights I've had in almost three years”, I said to myself still focusing on the snow. It seemed like hours passed while I enjoyed playing out this winter scene in my head. I got to wrestle with my dogs, cuddle with under a blanket, and we even watched a Hallmark movie with the ever so predictable ending. I was home. I was able to let my guard down. I was finally happy.

Then the morning came. The snow stopped falling, the noises started coming back, and that wonderful, picturesque winter wonderland faded into a memory. The stark reality hit. A few more years until I'm home for real.

May we always cherish life's simple joys and never overlook the beauty in the little things. Let's extend our heartfelt recognition and respect to the January 6th defendants and their families for the sacrifices they've endured over the years. From missed holidays to once in a lifetime celebrations, each sacrifice is a testament. 🙏🏼

Merry Christmas | 2023
December 23, 2023
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Warmest Christmas greetings from the depths of The DC Gulag! As the holiday season graces us once more, I remain hopeful that this will mark the final time spent away from the comfort of home and my family—three years apart have been more than enough.

During this Christmas season I ask that you please keep the families of the defendants and those who lost theirs lives in your thoughts and prayers. There will be many empty seats at the table again this year.

Approaching my sentencing day on February 29th, 2024, I humbly request your prayers, each heartfelt plea for the judge to have eyes to see the truth, the defense attorney to remain strong and steadfast, and the judge to have the courage to do the right thing. The uncertainty looms, yet I hold steadfastly onto the belief that the divine providence of the Almighty reigns supreme. He has the capacity to transform adversities into triumphs. We are just simply fulfilling His plan. The Lord has me right where He wants me. Let us remember the reason for this season.

Amidst this turbulent and challenging period, I've encountered remarkable souls, bringing some silver linings within this otherwise arduous journey. The prospect of soon meeting every single one of you, liberated from these shackles, fills me with boundless exciting anticipation. Your unwavering support, manifested through heartfelt letters, words of encouragement, generous contributions, and fervent prayers, serves as an unwavering beacon of hope. With heartfelt gratitude, I salute each one of you. May other true Patriots take up the cross we bare. God bless you and God bless America! 

Merry Christmas!

Colton McAbee

J6 Political Hostage #378959

The Sheriff of J6

Trial Update
October 12, 2023
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Injustice comes with a heavy cost, and yesterday, we witnessed it firsthand as Colton was convicted by a jury that was not of his peers – a jury biased by their experiences on January 6th. This happened despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence, despite the prosecution admitting he was assisting the officers around him, and despite the evidence of Rosanne Boyland being beaten by Metropolitan Police Officer Lila Morris, with Colton trying to save her, only to tragically lose her life. Even after an officer testified that he thanked Colton for his help that day.

It's disheartening to witness a good man's life being destroyed simply because he was helping those in need and upholding his oath of office. May God continue to grant Colt the strength to keep fighting this unprecedented battle. While we appreciate the outpouring of support, it's time to turn words into action. The persecution of our fellow citizens continues because we, the people, are allowing it to happen. It's a stark reminder of the injustices within our society. Enough is enough.


Day Seven; October 11, 2023

Thank you all for the support, love and prayers over the last twenty six months and especially the last two weeks. It’s with a heavy heart that I tell you Colton was found guilty on all counts. In a jury that is not of his own peers, not likely anyone’s peers. We will now await sentencing. We ask that you please provide our family some space at this time. Your special messages, thoughts and prayers are appreciated. May God continue to grant Colt the strength to keep fighting this unprecedented battle.


Day Six; October 10, 2023

Started the morning with closing arguments. It was very interesting to hear the prosecution change their story to admit Colt was saying he was helping officers and to speak about Rosanne Boyland. While it is hard to swallow the prosecution lying in their statements, we not only know the truth but have the evidence to back it up. The defense was as strong as ever - we are very pleased with how the attorney is handling the injustices. The jury did not come to a verdict today. We will reconvene with continued deliberations tomorrow morning. 


Day Five; October 6, 2023

We started the morning finishing the cross examination of the FBI. The agent seemed to have been less than competent regarding the investigation. There were several missing links, which were proven to the jury. Following that, Metropolitan Police Officer Sajumon took the stand. More evidence of Rosanne was played for the jury, while the evidence of Sajumon thanking Colt for his help that day was played over and over again. And then the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Colt took the stand. He was strong in his defense and stood in the truth. Today, after 780 days, he finally had his day in court to speak the truth. We are so proud of him. All parties have rested their case. The defense argued Article 29 saying the prosecution did not prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. The judge is going to review over the weekend and make a ruling either over the weekend or on Tuesday. It’s a very positive thing that the judge did not shoot the motion down immediately. We will reconvene Tuesday morning with closing arguments and then the jury will go into deliberations.

Colt is strong. I’ve had a chance to speak to him for fifteen minutes in the evening once he’s been taken back to the jail. He knows the truth is on his side and this is just one of the bigger battles he’s fighting in this war. Everything that has happened in his life leading up to this point has prepared him for this exact moment. 

We are at peace. We feel the presence of The Lord. Whatever may come of this, we know God already has it planned out. As I’ve said from the beginning, whatever God has chosen for these individuals is bigger than we could ever imagine.

Thank you for the support, love and prayers.


Day Four; October 5, 2023

Started the morning finishing the cross examination of Metropolitan Police Officer Andrew Wayte. Two other MPD officers testified. The government actually admitted video into evidence of MPD Lila Morris hitting Rosanne Boyland - something we never thought would happen. While the government is not directly speaking of the Rosanne situation, with each officer they have mentioned her body. Our attorney is laying the ground work with his verbiage of not only how the entire situation unfolded, but Rosanne as well. We adjourned the day beginning to cross examine the FBI. Depending on the timing of everything, Colton should take the stand tomorrow afternoon. Please cover him in prayer, for strength and for God to give him the right words to say at the right time. He stands in truth and will continue to do so. We will hopefully have closing arguments on Tuesday (Monday is a Holiday) and then the jury will go into deliberations.


Day Three; October 4, 2023

Opening arguments began this morning. Prosecution is weak, as expected (actually even more than expected). Defense is super strong. Three of the prosecutions witnesses have gone so far; one Capitol Police Officer, one Secret Service agent, and Metropolitan Police Officer Andrew Wayte. Cross examination on both USCP and USSS went in our favor, proving the unlawful use of force, law enforcement perspective, and how unprepared they were. We adjourned the day in the middle of our cross examination of Wayte. He has been lead by the prosecution to believe their narrative but it is falling apart at the seems with the evidence proving otherwise. We will begin tomorrow morning finishing the cross examination. Rosanne’s death has been mentioned several times and the jury seems to be in shock, as we all were when first learned about it as well. Colt is as strong as an ox, not allowing their lies and accusations get to him as he has an abundance of support and knows the truth is on his side.

Thank you for the continued prayers. We feel them.


Day Two; October 3, 2023

After two long days and some unbelievable characters, 14 jurors have been selected and sworn in. The attorneys like 11 of them - we agree. Opening arguments will begin tomorrow morning.


Day One; October 2, 2023

We adjourned with 12 out of 32 jurors selected, out of 70. We will reconvene tomorrow morning to continue the voir dire process. We must be able to choose a jury of 14 (12 jurors / 2 alternates) More updates tomorrow.

Thank you for the love, thoughts, and prayers.


As we brace ourselves for one of the most significant challenges of our lives this week, I reflect on the arduous journey that has brought us to this point.

Twenty-six months spent behind bars, enduring a prolonged trial date that has been rescheduled three times – over two years of captivity, uncertainty, and deception. Finally, the moment has arrived.

I pray for strength and courage for Colt, understanding, and safety for all of us. I pray for the jury that their eyes may be unveiled and that they don't allow their personal beliefs to obstruct justice. I pray for the prosecution to not give into their deceitful ways. I pray that the witnesses speak truth about what truly happened on that day. I pray that the judge allows key evidence, sees through any crooked tactics, and does not conduct or allow a kangaroo court.

This moment will come to pass though, and we understand the grim statistics, with a 99.4% conviction rate in Washington D.C. – a jury of no one's peers, what the outcome could be. However, we recognize that this is just one battle in the ongoing war.

We are prepared for keyboard cowards who will attack us with their ignorant words. Their empty rhetoric holds no weight. If faced with similar adversity, they would crumble. Yet what these dastard people don’t understand is we are also fighting for them and their rights.

Colton has endured so much while incarcerated and his strength serves as more inspiration for me every single day. For simply being at the Capitol on January 6th and bravely jumping into action to help those around him, Colton has not only faced a corrupt judicial system, but he’s also been defamed and smeared by the media. He’s a concerned American, not a domestic terrorist. While some people, including immediate family and lifetime friends, may have turned their back on Colton and our plight, we know that countless patriots have lined-up behind him to defend him from this unjust persecution. When the times get tough, the weak flee and I’m proud to know that he has the toughest people behind him.

Remember, in the end God wins.

September 12, 2023
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22 years have passed since the terrorist attack on our Nation. Please take a moment of silence for the brave men and women who lost their lives that day and for those who are still affected by it. 

Let us not forget about how we felt that day. How we became united as Americans. Let us not forget the innocent lives taken, or those who willingly went in to rescue others. 

Enjoy your life, your family, and your freedom and honor those who gave it their all.

Never Surrender, Never Forget. May God bless America.


July 4, 2023
July 4, 2023
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As we commemorate this Independence Day, let us honor the sacrifice of those who laid down their lives for our freedom. We should always remember the courageous individuals who risked everything to build a remarkable nation. Our founding fathers faced perilous consequences, fighting valiantly for our independence from Britain. Throughout the generations, countless fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters have fought to preserve a free America. Personally, I take pride in being an American, even through persecution. May America be blessed by God, and may our cherished freedoms endure. Let us all embody the spirit of liberty and be Sons of Liberty.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died. 

Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. 

Two lost their sons in the revolutionary army, another had two sons captured. 

Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the revolutionary war.

They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

What kind of men were they? Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation owners, men of means, well educated. But they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured.

Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags.

Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward.

Vandals or soldiers or both, looted the properties of Ellery, Clymer, Hall, Walton, Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge, and Middleton.

At the battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson Jr., noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. The owner quietly urged General George Washington to open fire.

Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months.

John Hart was driven from his wife’s bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid to waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished. A few weeks later he died from exhaustion and a broken heart. 

Norris and Livingston suffered similar fates.

Such were the stories and sacrifices of the American Revolution. These were not wild eyed, rabble-rousing ruffians. They were soft-spoken men of means and education. They had security, but they valued liberty more. Standing tall, straight, and unwavering, they pledged: ‘For the support of this declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.’

Let us call upon the courageous individuals of America to rise up and stand for the values that our country was founded upon. It is crucial that we have dedicated advocates who will defend the principles of liberty, justice, and equality that have shaped our nation. Together, we can work towards a brighter future and ensure that the spirit of America continues to flourish. 

Rep. Matt Gaetz Leads Republican Field Hearing on January 6th; June 13, 2023
June 17, 2023
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updateImage I had the honor of testifying on behalf of Colton, all January 6th defendants, and the entire January 6th community at the first ever Republican led January 6th Field Hearing held at The Capitol on June 13, 2023. My deepest gratitude goes to the Representatives who led the hearing and played a crucial role in shedding light on these critical issues: Gaetz, Norman, Gosar, Greene, Boebert, and Nehls.

"Today, I implore all of you to recognize the overreach of government authority and the lack of transparency within the judicial process surrounding these cases. As members of Congress and your staff, you have a vital role in upholding the principles of justice and accountability.”

“According to 18 US Code Section 4, it is a legal requirement that anyone with knowledge of a felony committed within the jurisdiction of the United States must promptly disclose it. Failure to do so may result in fines, imprisonment for up to three years, or both. Today, I want to officially state that I am reporting the deaths of Ashli Babbitt, Rosanne Boyland, Kevin Greeson, and Benjamin Philips. Thorough investigations into these deaths are crucial to ensure justice is served.”

“I implore each and every one of you not to remain passive observers but to actively hold those responsible for these injustices accountable. It is imperative that we restore faith in our justice system and safeguard the rights of all individuals involved in the events of January 6th."

[Start: 31:58]

The significance of this hearing cannot be understated. It marks a pivotal moment in our nation's history, where we begin to shed light on the events of January 6th and work towards ensuring that such incidents are never repeated. I sincerely hope that this inaugural hearing is just the beginning of a series of continued efforts to uncover the truth and pursue justice. Together, let us pursue truth, demand transparency, and work towards healing our nation. By doing so, we can create a future where justice prevails and our democracy thrives.

National Police Week 2023
May 20, 2023
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Normally on National Police Week I would naively thank every person who continues to put the badge on day after day. This years National Police Week is a little different. 

Here’s my perspective from the last 28 months: 

Thank you, Colt, for your selfless service to every community you impacted. Life Saving Awards. Ceremonies. Honorable mentions. You are a hero to so many. Regardless of what ‘they’ say about you now, we know the truth. You were the only officer to try to save Rosanne Boyland’s life on that dreadful day.

For the three LEO’s (that I can think of) that have stood beside Colt and walked through the fire with us regardless of the ridicule you received early on, thank you. It’s easier to bow out and be a coward than it is to stand firm.

For those who hide behind a badge but won’t stand up for your own brother being persecuted for doing what any man of dignity would’ve done, WELL … I have nothing to say to you. You’ve shown your true colors.

For those officers who did heinous acts of violence and waged war on innocent American citizens on January 6th, TURN YOUR BADGES IN. You don’t represent us!

For the very few (two that I can think of) officers who tried to de-escalate the chaos going on around them on January 6th, THANK YOU. I pray that you also stand up on the right side of history.

For the true, heroic officers across this once great nation who continue to put their lives on the line day after day, leave their loved ones without knowing their fate, and choose to stand in the gap for their communities and fellow Americans every day; WE HONOR YOU!

20 Months
April 18, 2023
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Today makes 20 months (608 days) behind bars. And what do I wake up to this morning? A phone call from another individual that was housed in the same unit as Colt telling me that he was moved, again. SEVEN TIMES. This is the seventh time he has been moved. What does that mean? He has to start over every single time: new clothes, new hygiene items, new food, new communication system. You name it, he has to start all over again. It is called 'diesel therapy', look it up. It is described as "the cruelest aspect of being a federal inmate. It has been alleged that some inmates are deliberately moved from facility to facility as diesel therapy." As Wikipedia would say, "Diesel therapist is a form of punishment in the United States which prisoners are shackled and then transported for days or weeks." Mind you, that the government can take you without warning. Your family won't know where you are. Your attorney won't know where you are. This entire system is broken. Their ultimate goal is to break these individuals in every way possible: mentally (solitary confinement for almost two years, not allowed to go outside, not allowed to communicate with the outside world, the list goes on and on), emotionally (not allowing visitation for two years, bullying and intimidation tactics by the guards, etc.), financially (diesel therapy: new shoes $48.18, new electronic device $100, new clothes ~$55, food ~$100, phone call $8, etc.), physically (abuse, abuse, abuse), spiritually (denied religious services for two years). This is the reality of the unknown from day to day. This is the reality of being guilty until proven innocent in the BROKEN injustice system.

Good Friday 2023
April 7, 2023
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Today is the day our lord Jesus was sacrificed for our sins. Today our Lord took the pain of the world and the sting of betrayal by His people. During the agonizing hours of the cross, during the ultimate punishment, suffocating and choking on his own breath, Jesus forgave us. With his dying breath, He still cared for the ones who put him in this position. 

When Jesus died, his followers hid in fear, being next on the cross, but on Sunday my Lord rose from the grave! He is the Living God! But, in the meantime, while we were hiding, Jesus was still fighting for us. He went ahead of us and cleared the way, defeating death. While we focus on our own lives, our Lord is looking out for us. While we worry about our problems, our Lord is defeating them. 

Let’s not forget this weekend that our Lord resurrected from the grave. That we can do all things through Him who strengthens us. Remember when you feel persecuted, when you feel like giving up, or when you have no idea what to do next, Jesus went ahead and cleared the way. 

May God bless you and this nation. 


597 Days . . . ♥️
April 4, 2023
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For the first time in 597 days, I was able to see Colt in person, through glass for thirty minutes. Lots of tears, lots of laughter. ♥️

I saw a man who has been put through the fire, but has not been burnt. It’s only making him stronger. Someone who will do whatever it takes. He will come out a fighter. 🙏🏼

Colt, on that day everything we knew faded out of view. We were scared and prepared for the unknown. It stole a piece of you. If I could be a hero, I would save you from the pain and carry all the weight but I know that you are brave. Don't let anyone steal your fire. Show them who you are. Do not stop no matter what because you are going make it. Fight on, fighter. 🛡

The Storm has its Purpose
April 1, 2023
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Brothers and sisters, 

Now is the time to take a stand! Now is the time to make your voices heard! We know by now the tyrannical DOJ and Government will not stop in stripping us from our freedoms! We must speak out against this injustice among us! If they can do it to me, they can do it to you! Stand up for your freedoms before you don't have any left! 

Take courage my brothers and sisters! Stand for something, or you will fall for anything! This is the Storm and the Storm has its purpose! Courage is what sets us ALL free! We the People of these United States will be heard! Do not fear being locked away. Take a stand for your fellow man! Look at your children, your husband, your wife. . . How do you want them to remember you? What's going to be your legacy? How will you make this Nation a better place? 

Let them hear your voice! Let FREEDOM RING! We will no longer be silent. We will no longer take this abuse of our fellow man. We will stand on this hill. Remember, courage is not the absence of fear, its knowing something is more important than you and taking action in the face of fear. This Storm has its purpose. Hard times create great men. Let's be great! Let's be heard! Let's be FREE! God bless you and this great nation!


Colt McAbee

The TRUTH will set us free
January 19, 2023
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Brothers and Sisters, 

Thank you for your ongoing support. This is our year! What was done in the darkness is coming to light! We are seeing this being played out in front of our eyes. The TRUTH will set us free.  

I appreciate every single one of you. May Our LORD rain blessings upon you. Although this journey has not been easy, I do feel like the LORD is preparing me for something greater than I can ever fathom. 

This year, my New Year's Resolution is to give thanks in ALL things! When times get rough and when times are great. He is the same God in the valleys as He is on the mountain tops. I encourage you adopt this resolution as well. Though I may be imprisoned, through His grace, I am free. May God bless all of you. Remember my chains. 

Quod Vult Deus ( as God wills), 


I forgive, but never will I forget
December 24, 2022
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As we close out the end of the year, I think back on the letters I’ve received from Colt over the last 16 months. This is by far one of my favorites. You see this fight isn’t just about the nefarious government, it’s about the evilness of this world. It even creeps in on the relationships you thought were unbreakable, but in reality you were the unbreakable one. Colt said it best, “[they] abandoned me because [they] are not worthy to stand by me when I rise.” Many people think we should be so upset at this travesty in our lives, but honestly we are very thankful. This storm has pruned the relationships in our lives and taught us valuable lessons.

Stop wasting time and energy on people who don’t water your garden. In life, people are put on this Earth and come into our lives for a reason. When you are a person who handles stress and is a caring and giving person, people lean on you to “water their garden” so they can keep growing. But when you finally need those people to help you and stand in your corner, they fall flat in that department. If you continue to water their garden they will only come back to you when their life isn’t good and that’s exhausting for your spirit. Don’t let them come in instead be open to kind souls that water your garden. Thank you to the souls that have watered our garden through this valley. We remind ourselves that joy comes in the morning.


"During this time of incarceration, I have struggled to come to terms on why some people decided to 'choose themselves'. In my time of need, when I needed you most in my life, you chose to walk away. I now understand. It took a lot of praying and thinking this past year. You abandoned me because you are not worthy to stand by me when I rise. You became scared of what society would say about you for supporting someone like me. Someone who has always been there for you, took care of you, and literally gave you the shirt off my back. You called me 'friend', 'brother' and 'son', yet when you heard the fake news and lies spread about me, you believed it and refused to hear my story. Have I not proven my loyalty to you? You surely have proven your disloyalty to me. Don't think that I don't hear your whispers through these walls. While you are with your families, I will be here in jail. I hope you cherish your time with them, and I hope you think of my suffering every single day. I will tell my children and grandchildren of you. You will always be a source for what not to do for your 'family'. In reality, your abandonment and disloyalty has helped me grow. I've grown closer to God and my wife, you know the one you never check to see how she's doing. At the end of the day, I choose to forgive you. For me to move on, for me to heal, I forgive your actions. I forgive, but never will I forget. In other words, just like you, I choose myself."


This man might be bent but he refuses to break. Everything that has happened in his life has before this prepared him for this exact moment. God is near. We see Him. Faith does not operate in the realm of possible. There is no glory for God in that which is humanly possible. Faith begins where man's power ends. 

"God blesses those who are persecuted for doing right, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs." Matthew 5:10

Dark to Light
December 11, 2022
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The TRUTH is getting out! Little by little the narrative is changing. What we've been screaming since day one is finally coming to light. The LORD said, things done in darkness will be revealed in the light. Thank you all for standing firm, thank you for your prayers, and thank you for your support! 


As for me, I am doing as well as I can be regarding my circumstances. A lot of things have happened this past year, and I've learned a lot during this period of my life. I'm ready for this chapter to end and a new and brighter chapter to begin. Trial is set for September 2023, be there! Pack the court with support!  


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Patriots. I'll be home soon enough!

Abuse to an Innocent Pretrial Detainee in the DC Gulag
September 6, 2022
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On September 5, 2022 around 11:30am my phone started to blow up. A feeling no one likes and took me right back to that very dreadful day in August of last year. I was receiving messages from other J6ers, calls from J6ers family members, and people that I didn’t even know telling me that Colt was attacked, beaten, assaulted by Lieutenant Lancaster in the pod, while Colt was handcuffed behind his back. Five minutes prior: the Correctional Officer opened the cell door to let Colt get his morning medication from the nurse. He walked approximately 25 feet to the nurse, was alone and distanced. Lancaster grabbed him and then sprayed him directly in the face. Why? He wasn’t wearing a COVID mask. She sprayed him a second time at point blank range while he was cuffed, tackled him and hit him. When the pod, rightfully got up in arms about an unjustified assault; the ERT team, (which is this jail's version of SWAT), came running in to assault the rest of them. Several of the officers were grabbing people by their necks and jamming mace canisters against their faces as they shoved people into their cells so they could rough handle Colt without interference. He was taken to the hole, then returned to C2B because of his status of protected custody. Not only because he is a J6er but he is a law enforcement officer as well. Except he isn't in his cell anymore. They isolated him and the others to cells where the pod cameras don't reach. Remind you of Ryan Samsel? He was left in a cell covered in the spray for over eight hours of torture, unable to de-contaminate and rinse off his burning skin. This Lieutenant has been banned previously from their pod for her dirty, nasty behavior towards them. Calling them white supremacists and terrorists. From one of the men: Please tell the world about this terrible situation. She needs to be fired. She does nothing but cause problems every time she comes in here. It’s not right. Please tell everyone you can we are all on a hunger strike. The world needs to know how bad were being treated! As for Colt, this fight is far from over. We will continue to fight for his rights as an American Citizen and for the truth to prevail.

My Fellow American’s
January 22, 2022
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An update from our warrior:

We are still on 22/2 (lockdown), but we are doing as well as expected. We are experiencing more and more control by the DOC. I think they know that what is about to happen! I hear people say we are winning - I believe it! The hope in these men is still there, although most have been here for over a year. That keeps me going. 

They may lock us up. They may throw away the key and keep us in here for an unknown amount of time, but what they cannot stop is the Freedom loving American pride that we have. Every night at 9:00pm ET, we sing (more like make a joyful noise) the Anthem! And we make it known that the flag was STILL THERE. We are TRUE Americans. We love our country. We love our Constitution. We are Patriots. 

Even though we may be subject to various kinds of civil rights and humanitarian rights violations, I know that we can take whatever is thrown at us. Because at the end of the day, we are the Men of America. For many of us, it\'s our first incarceration. We’ve had to adapt and survive. There are so many things that has happened that I cannot speak about at this time. But know, we will NEVER back down. We hold our beliefs true to heart. We may have some bad days, but that happens when the judges won\'t give us bail and push trial over and over again. We will overcome these obstacles. We will rise. The truth will prevail. 

My fellow Americans, don\'t forget about us, but remember us in everything you do. Do not let them take your freedoms, for they are your God given RIGHTS! In whatever you do, do in PEACE. 

Stay strong. Keep the faith. Where we go one, we go all.

God bless You!

God bless America!

-R. McAbee, your fellow Patriot

A Message from Ronald
January 7, 2022
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For all,

Thank you for your continuing fight for the truth! Like a phoenix, there is always a rebirth through fire. This is my fire. This is my battle. I can and will bear this burden. I\'ve trained my whole life. Throughout all the heartaches, physical, mental, and emotional trauma, all of the hard decisions, and my work in law enforcement. . . I can say I was prepared even before I knew I was prepared. 

The years of sports, men in my life, and God teaching me what matters most in my life and how to uphold my beliefs, thank you. And the women who filled the void, thank you. Thank you for teaching me how to feel, how to show my feelings, how to show compassion to my fellow man, how to stand when there is nothing left. To those who have gone before me and might’ve never met, but influenced me to my core, thank you for showing me, through your legacies, for what it means to be a man, a leader, a patriot, to never give up and never back down. I am forever grateful.

I love you all. Each and every one of you had a role to play in my life. Each and every one of you prepared me for things I would never see coming. Some prepared me physically. Some mentally. Some emotionally. And to those that prepared me spiritually, thank you so much. Certain words speak louder than others, and actions always trump words. 

To the supporters across the nation that I don\'t even know (yet), thank you. Your support, encouragement, thoughts and prayers mean so much. Strangers have stood beside me, without knowing me, more than some of my own \'family & friends\'. God sends storms in life to clear the path. And for that, I am appreciative. I hope to meet or at least speak to each and every one of you in the future. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Keep the faith. The truth will prevail. God will win this war.

January 6th
January 6, 2022
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Join us in lighting a candle in honor of Colt. There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism. And that\'s exactly what Ronald did a year ago. You see, this is not just any movement, it\'s the movement. This isn\'t just about our family, it\'s about the hundreds of families across America that have been effected by this. There are moments where the words don\'t reach and the suffering is too terrible. We are working through the unimaginable, but together we are stronger. Together we are one. 

It\'s time to take a stand. Those who stand for nothing fall for anything. And Ronald stood in the gap for all of us on January 6th. Tonight, raise a glass for our hero and to freedom - something they can never take away, no matter what they tell you. Soon there will be more of us telling this exact story. History has its eyes on him. And we are honored to stand with Ronald. 

From Ronald, "Thank you to all of those who have stood by my side through all of this. Your support means more than I could ever say. A wise woman once told me \'Nothing has ever come easy in your life, why do you think it is going to be easy now?\' God chose me to bear this burden, along with others, so hopefully generations to come won\'t have to. I can\'t begin to explain the journey I\'ve been on, but I can tell you that I\'ve seen God\'s hand every step of the way. Much love from the Patriot Wing." 

Join us as we hold hands across the nation and sing The National Anthem at 9:00pm ET with the political prisoners. 

Please continue to pray for Ronald, our family, our attorneys, and for what lies ahead. Your thoughts and prayers mean so much. This has been a complete faith walk, but we know God is in control of ALL of this. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping us fight the good fight. Justice WILL win. The truth WILL prevail. Ronald WILL rise above.

Jan6 for D.C. Kids
November 22, 2021
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The men of the J6 pod have come together to create a fund for their fellow brothers across the jail to give their families a very Merry Christmas. 

"We have all had a rough year being held here in DC and we appreciate all of the love and support we have received, but it's the time of year to give, not receive.  

So we wanted to temporarily take the focus off of us and direct it to those in need here in DC, our local community.  All of the donations we receive will go to the children of our fellow inmates on the other side of the jail, or the local community.  We hope you will give to this great cause and help us bring joy to the kids here in DC!  We thank you for your support.  Merry Christmas and God Bless America!

Thank You!
November 17, 2021
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The J6ers are like all of us. Lovers of family, of community and they LOVE America. Now, they need our help; they need all of us. It's our turn to show them we appreciate their courage! This has personally touched our family and we are reaching out to all patriots to join us in honoring the cost of the courage displayed on J6.​

The J6 movement is not just any movement, it’s THE MOVEMENT, so now is the time to stand as one. Now is the time to stand for something instead of falling for anything. We are asking you to rally around us. To cover our flank per say. As a family we've always given to others anonymously because it was an honor to do so. Never wanting the spotlight, the credit, or the fame. However, we have been personally affected by the aftermath of J6 and we would be honored if you would come alongside us. We've heard with our own ears the National Anthem being sung from inside the walls of those incarcerated, and it leaves you with goosebumps. Patriots honoring their country even in the midst of their own turmoil every night at 9pm (ET). ​

We truly appreciate your monetary gifts, prayers, and thoughts. Even the smallest gift can leave a huge impression. Please share Mac's Give Send Go with your patriot family and friends so that they too may help stand in the gap. Please help us bring awareness to those being held from J6 until today. We’re all in this together! Thank you!​

Raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away. No matter what they tell you.


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