Vehicle for Life and Labor

Campaign Created by: Matthew Quinn

Goal: USD $35,000
Raised: USD $ 20,478
Beloved friends and family, we are growing in sobriety and excitement as the day of our launch back to the Middle East is less than two weeks away! After living and laboring in Jordan for 3.5 years as a family it has become abundantly clear that there is much to be grateful for. We have been content in God's provision, whether we were lacking in resource or abundantly supplied. In this next season as we relaunch to labor in these ripe harvest fields we are believing that it is the right time for our family to seek ownership of a vehicle for the task at hand. Here is an opportunity for your vital participation.

Our Future Vehicle

After much prayer, research, and advice from expats/laborers who have gone before us it seems right and good for us to seek ownership of a vehicle with extra capacity seating (7 or 8 seats) and basic 'off road' (or most roads in the Middle East) capabilities. There are a few vehicles that fit this criteria that are popular in Jordan (i.e. cheaper/easier to fix and maintain). We are looking to purchase a no bells-and-whistles version of a 2013 model (as foreigners we're not allowed to purchase models more than 5 years old) from among the SUV options in our context. Our minimum budget for this is $35,000.

We thank you for considering us as we labor in the Middle East.

"May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering."


Update #1
October 29, 2016
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We made it back!

We are now in the Middle East and back in our home. Thanks to all of you who have given, prayed, and shared our campaign. We are now over 10% and looking toward the next couple weeks to see what comes in for this vehicle. Please consider a generous donation toward this work, as we desire to really hit the ground running...i mean...driving. ;o) Thanks for considering us for participation in our Gospel work in this way. May grace and peace be multiplied to you.


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