Supporting Matt's Liver!

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The funds from this campaign will be received by Matthew Grohman.

Goal: USD $2,000
Raised: USD $ 1,174

Matt is dealing with liver disease. It's a real shock, because up until a month or two ago, he thought he was fully healthy.

His MELD score (score of danger to your life from liver disease, calculated from lab tests) was 14, which is pretty severe, showing a significant risk to his life in the next three months if he didn't do anything. A score one point higher would have suggested seeing a transplant: "Individuals with cirrhosis and a MELD score of 15 or greater should be referred for a liver transplantation evaluation."

Matt is trying to turn the disease around to hopefully avoid needing a transplant. We are looking at published medical research, specifically focusing on approaches that have had success at reversing the disease process and regenerating healthy liver function. He has a great care team of practitioners and advisers to help implement those approaches. Matt is also doing things already to try to bring his MELD score down and regain liver function. Here's an example of someone else who went put cirrhosis remission with some of these treatments: 

The funds raised here will be used on Matt's out-of-pocket treatment costs. We wholeheartedly appreciate any help you can offer -- anything helps!

Here's the layout for treatment:

The standard treatment for liver disease/cirrhosis is a transplant, which costs $878,000 or more but is usually covered by insurance after your out-of-pocket max. However, the survival rate after transplants is not good (only 72% after 5 years), and you typically have to use anti-rejection drugs with lots of side effects, so Matt would prefer to avoid having a transplant.

So then the other main option is getting his liver to heal. Many people claim that liver scarring is irreversible, but this is disproven in lots of recently published research and case reports of people reversing their end-stage liver disease. The goals are to reduce the fibrosis and scarring in the liver, improve circulation, and encourage the growth of new healthy liver cells in a healthier pattern.

"In order to achieve quick restitution of the functional parenchymal mass in concert with reversal of cirrhosis, the combination of antifibrotic therapy and hepatocyte renewal is attractive."--Liver cirrhosis scientific journal article

For that approach, he is looking at (and in some cases already using) the following treatments that could put him into remission or reverse his liver disease to a less dangerous state, but they are mostly out-of-pocket and not covered by insurance:

  • Stem cell treatments, as described in this scientific article, "Treatment of the end Stage Liver Cirrhosis by Human Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells" and "Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transfusion Is Safe and Improves Liver Function in Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure Patients
  • Stem cell therapy for liver disease is basically a matter of getting one or more transplants of millions of immune-privileged, non-rejection-causing cells (umbilical cord MSCs) that can become part of Matt's liver and also influence it (immunomodulation), rather than discarding his whole liver for someone else's liver.
  • So stem cells are still a transplant -- they just avoid most of the drawbacks of whole-organ transplants.
  • Stem cells can also help Matt to heal any collateral damage he got FROM the undiagnosed liver disease (such as to bones, kidneys, gut lining, etc.) - this can happen when the liver is not working well.
  • PEMF mat package to help Matt release his own stem cells and reduce inflammation, promote circulation in his liver ($1350) - he got this already and uses it daily (see pic in updates)
  • Infrared mat to help with circulation, reduce pain, and promote healing ($139) 
  • Research-backed, liver-safe Chinese herbs and acupuncture at an intense level to reduce liver fibrosis and help reverse the overall disease (there is LOTS of published scientific research on this helping to reverse cirrhosis, especially in China where these things are the main treatment for the condition), Matt is seeing two specialists and practitioners in these areas - this part is seeming really effective
  • Specialist care and diagnostics to check his progress at a top liver hospital or clinic. We are looking at Cedars-Sinai and UCLA Medical Center in LA, because lots of people in Vegas tell us the medical care is not good here and it's best to go to LA.

We are hoping that 6-12 months of this kind of intensive, research-based treatment will put Matt into remission -- or at least a lesser degree of liver disease -- and get him feeling better. He's really ready to feel better after living undiagnosed with this condition for so many years and not knowing why he felt bad. 

We also started this page to collect encouragement and prayers. Please pray for Matt and wish him wellness and a successful journey through this crisis! People who know him know he is the sweetest guy ever, and we need him to stick around! 

If you'd like to send a get well card, just send us an email to get our address. 

If you know any info that might help with his protocol or care team (anyone who's been through something similar, TCM practitioners, research, etc.), please let us know! 

I plan to keep people updated on Matt's progress with his condition and treatment journey. I will be posting his new MELD scores and scans when any new information comes in. I'll probably also share some photos and notes about how he's doing. You can follow the page to be notified of updates by email.

Here is a playlist of songs made for him (one is also a video of someone's cirrhosis recovery). 

Thanks for caring about Matt! Your concern and thoughts are so helpful. We are so grateful for all the support.

Thanks again, 

Michelle (Matt's wife)


Update #8 - MELD score graph
March 27, 2023
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Matt's MELD scores over time (indicates mortality risk from liver disease). His protocol (started on March 11, 2023) is really helping! Having normal lab tests gives a value of 6. Anything over 9 is associated with elevated risk. Got a few points to go to get under 9!

Update #7 - Matt's adaptogen coffee
March 26, 2023
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Matt is drinking coffee again (good for liver) and adding reishi, ginseng, and MCT oil to it for liver health.

"Lots of stuff in coffee lol its fun"--Matt

Update #6 - Chinese tonic herbal treatment going great!
March 26, 2023
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The Chinese tonic herbal treatment is going great! Matt is recovering more quickly than expected. 

Today he added Changbai Mountain red ginseng and deer antler drops (promotes growth hormone and tissue regeneration) to his protocol. The deer drops taste very gamey (they taste like a dog smells) but should help him recover even more!

We are grateful to the trained tonic herbalists at Dragon Herbs for giving him personalized advice on his protocol and its safety. Have talked to them over and over. 

The Dragon Herbs products are sourced from some of the best locations in the world for those particular tonic herbs (like Changbai Mountain on the border of China and North Korea). 

Update #5 - Protocol is working!
March 24, 2023
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Look at Matt's bilirubin coming down on the protocol in the description above! Bilirubin processing ability  is a proxy for just day-to-day liver function -- it's not measuring scarring or anything -- but it seems Matt's liver is at least opened up for business enough to be going back in a better direction and reverting to where it was months ago. Matt's doing a good job administering the protocol and trying to heal.

Update #4 - MELD score down to 11!
March 23, 2023
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Matt got his lab results back, and his MELD score is down to 11! That's a fast drop for being on his protocol for only 6 days between when he was having lots of symptoms and started the protocol (March 11) and when the lab tests were done (March 17, 2023). His clotting is back to normal (INR back to 1) and his spider angiomas have gone away. 

He's doing a great job using his protocol to get better! 

Update #3 - lots of calls, Matt seems good
March 22, 2023
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Ok, the calls have reached an intense level. Considering multiple clinics and talking with the care manager at the insurance trying to get organized to actually use our high-deductible insurance for the first time and meet our deductible.

Matt is seeming really great! His treatment protocol is really helping. He actually looks healthier in photos than he has in a while. However, the liver itself can take months or years to recover, and that process will likely lag how he looks on the outside. He'll need to check the progress on scans and blood tests.

I'm realizing how much the undiagnosed liver issues have been affecting Matt. He keeps reiterating he wants to get a stem cell transplant, because he is tired of working with a less-functional liver. He doesn't want to just heal a little -- he wants to get like 80-90% better if he can.

He had a scan yesterday and bought a cactus afterward as a get-well cactus for his window sill!


Update #2 - More testing and choosing docs
March 20, 2023
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Matt has an ultrasound coming up tomorrow to check his progress. Hopefully there will be good news or at least good info. 

I made a lot of calls today while Matt was working to contact potential liver departments and centers for Matt's long-term follow-up. The good doctors and centers tend to book out for 2-3 months for new patients. We are waiting on some additional tests and then will have his info sent to these places to see if they'll take him as a patient. I'm reading a book (The Patient's Playbook: Learn to Save Your Life and the Lives of Those You Love) on how to choose the best care team, even if it means traveling out-of-state for care. 

We are still waiting to get Matt's lab results from last Friday. Those will help show how fast his liver is progressing.

Here is a pic of Matt resting after work using his PEMF mat and his get-well blanket. He also has a stuffed liver he keeps on the mat with him. 

Update #1 - March 17, 2023 - got more blood tests to recalculate MELD score
March 17, 2023
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Matt seems pretty good today! He got more blood tests done to help calculate his new MELD score and to check on some other things that might be part of the picture. We should hear back next week.


  • Pray for Matt's liver to heal and his MELD score to come down! Going to be retesting approximately monthly.
  • Pray for Matt to feel encouraged and loved!
  • Pray for us to have success in choosing the right practitioners and finding the right things in the research