My husband, Matthew Webler, was at the capital on January 6th to protest. The FBI came to arrest him for some misdemeanor offenses pertaining to this event. At that time, the FBI searched our home and found a gun. Even though the gun is only used for protection, they arrested him anyway due to the fact he is a convicted felon from ten years ago. He is now being held without bond. DFACS came to our house shortly thereafter to check on our 2 month old son of whom we were trying to adopt. They did this because the FBI informed them of the situation, however the agets did state he was in a safe environment and being well taken care of. DFACS agreed with the agents after the visit and closed our case. A week ago, DFACS came back to our house and took our son anyway. My husband was the bread winner while I was a stay-at-home mom, so we were already facing eviction since he is in jail. Now even worse due to all of this, we have lost our most precious gift, our son. Legal fees to get him back, as well as to get us back on our feet our going to be enormous. Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers.