Mark Ibrahim is the proud son of immigrant parents who escaped oppressive regimes in search of the unparalleled freedoms in the United States – his mother, from Cuba, and his father, from Egypt. As a young man, Mark chose to serve his parent’s adoptive country - his nation of birth - by enlisting in the United States Army ROTC program in college, and becoming a commissioned US Army officer upon graduation. 

Mark honorably served for 8 years as a commissioned Intelligence officer in the US Army, which he followed by becoming a US military contractor, deploying to hostile regions in Iraq and Syria, assisting US military operations there.

Subsequent to his military service, Mark worked as a Christian missionary in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and South and Central America, helping to rescue innocent women and children who were the victims of kidnappings, sexual assaults, and slavery. This work brought Mark face-to-face with the worst horrors human beings commit against one other. His work rescuing these battered and broken victims, encouraged Mark to fight crimes aganist women and children in an official capacity.

Upon returning to the continental United States in 2018, Mark applied for positions with various federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and in 2019 Mark was selected to become a federal agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Upon graduation from the DEA Academy at Quantico, Virginia, he was assigned as a DEA Special Agent in Washington, DC, and was later re-assigned to the DEA office in Southern California, where he worked a variety of drug and related financial crimes. 

His entire life, Mark has never shied away from difficult or challenging work, and his efforts in the DEA were no different. 

While on vacation leave for the Christmas and New Years holidays in late December, 2020, and early January, 2021, Mark stayed with family and friends in the DC area. On January 6, 2021 Mark and some friends decided to attend the rally on the Mall in Washington, DC.

Mark chose to attend what he believed would be a historic event in the US Capital that day, to hear the President and others speak about what he, and many millions of American voters felt were very concerning events which had transpired in the preceding months.

Like the many other hundreds of thousands of peaceful attendees at the rally that day, Mark was there to listen to speeches and peacefully stand with his fellow Americans, exercising his First Amendment right, which is exactly what he did. Later that afternoon, when Mark and many of the other rally attendees peacefully walked toward the US Capitol Building, Mark was stunned to see that some individuals had violently laid siege to the Capitol Building and were assaulting police officers and damaging property.

Mark remained outside the perimeter barriers at the Capitol Building and made no attempt to approach or enter the structure in any way. Since he did not have jurisdiction in DC, or to investigate the criminal violations he was witnessing, Mark remained a considerable distance from the Capitol Building, and used his best judgement to help document the criminal behavior of the small, but the violent horde that was attacking his fellow brothers and sisters in law enforcement. 

Mark and a friend were able to effectively video record and document numerous individuals engaging in criminal and violent acts, which they then provided to the local FBI office to assist them in the identification and prosecution of the violent offenders. 

Later that evening, when he was able to see the full extent of what had occurred in the Capitol Building that day, Mark was disgusted and saddened by what he witnessed on the TV news. His greatest regret was that he had not been able to intervene to help the US Capitol Police Officers, many of whom had been overwhelmed and injured.

The following day, when Mark returned to his DEA office in Southern California, he was ordered to surrender his DEA badge, service weapon, and credentials, and told he was being suspended for having attended the rally in DC the day prior. Mark was shocked and heartbroken by this turn of events, most especially because he knew he had done absolutely nothing that was wrong, immoral, illegal, or that would bring disrepute to the DEA.

After being suspended for several weeks, Mark was notified by his DEA Supervisor in the first week of March 2021, that his employment was being terminated by the DEA, ending Mark’s federal service, and placing Mark’s long held Top Secret Security Clearance in limbo. The reasons for Mark’s termination were trivial matters, drummed up to attempt to justify what was an unjustifiable, and clearly unconstitutional firing.

In the third week of March 2021, Mark was notified that the US Department of Justice was investigating Mark to determine if criminal charges could be brought against him for conspiracy, for having attended the January 6th Trump rally. The traditional standard of having reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed before a criminal investigation is begun, has now been thrown out, in lieu of pursuing criminal charges against people who dare to vote a particular way, support a polarizing sitting president, or dare to speak their minds in peaceful protest. 

For the sole reason of having attended a political rally on the National Mall, which has been the site of thousands of similar events throughout the history of this nation, Mark’s career as a federal agent has ended, his opportunity for gainful employment in his fields of expertise has been terminated, and his security clearance revoked, taking away any future opportunity for him to work in those fields. 

Mark has had to expend his personal savings in order to hire an attorney to file suit against the DEA in federal court for wrongful termination, as well as for political persecution and other civil wrongs. 

Without an income to support himself he had no choice but to move out of his apartment, and is now actively seeking employment wherever he might find it. Under normal circumstances Mark would never consider asking for any form of assistance, however, he is now in a position of needing financial help for his personal living expenses, and his legal fight. 

As such, Mark is currently seeking to raise a minimum of $40,000 for his personal living expenses, and his legal expenses at fighting a wrongful and malicious criminal witch hunt, and to continue to fight the injustices he and countless other Americans have faced at the hands of a vengeful United States Department of Justice.

If you are in a position to do so, please consider supporting Mark, who has dedicated his life to serving this country and the weak and vulnerable around the world, in any way you can.
If you would like to communicate directly with Mark, please do so at:

Thank you, and God bless you, and the United States of America.