UPDATE: Thank you for your generosity, kindness, and prayers during this difficult time for Mark. He had surgery to repair his broken leg on June 30th with the placement of a rod and several pins and screws. As Mark continues his recovery we ask for continued prayers that justice will be served. The abortionist was arraigned on July 28th for felonious assault. He got a $20k PR Bond and no contact with the "protestors." According to the Saginaw County website, there is a preliminary hearing and preliminary exam scheduled for September. We appreciate your continued prayers. Thank you!


After years of faithfully praying and advocating outside an abortion clinic in Saginaw, MI, our pro-life brother, Mark Zimmerman, was viciously targeted and intentionally hit by an abortionist driving his vehicle on the morning of Friday, June 23, 2023.

Mark suffered a broken leg from the attack and will have to have surgery to repair the fracture. At this time, we are raising funds to help with the medical bills for Mark and possible attorney fees as he considers legal action against the abortionist.

What is deeply cruel and callous about this situation, according to witnesses, is that the abortionist got out of his vehicle after the attack and laughed at Mark as he lay injured on the ground. This particular abortionist has a repeated history of making threating comments, pulling into the driveway at reckless speeds in order to intimidate people, and swerving toward people who are standing on the public easement, the curb, or the edge of the clinic driveway behind a designated line (where people are legally permitted to stand).

The police and paramedics did respond to the scene after the attack. Mark was transported via ambulance to the hospital to receive treatment for his injuries. According to witnesses, the police did go into the clinic to talk to the abortionist, but they came out shortly afterward. The abortionist went on to kill many babies after his attack against Mark that morning.

At this time, it is unknown if the police will take further action or if the prosecutor will file charges against the abortionist for this violent and intentional assault against Mark. We will post updates as they become available.

Please pray:

• For the abortionist and all clinic staff to come to repentance and turn to Jesus Christ.

• For Mark and his family as he recovers, heals, and is off of work.

• For the continued strength, courage, and faithfulness of our pro-life brothers and sisters as we peacefully witness and offer help to the women, staff, and abortionists who come to the clinics.

• For many babies to be saved from abortion and children to be valued as a blessing and not a burden.

• For justice to prevail and for this abortionist to be held accountable for his violent assault.