Hello, good souls!

I would like to present this beautiful Mexican couple - señora Eva (63) and señor Marcelino (65). Simple kind people, who have helped many throughout their lives - from pigeons to humans, are facing severe health problems.

The goal of this fundraiser is to pay for a prosthesis for señor Marcelino (45000 MXN = 2850 USD), take señora Eva to a skilled specialist to revise her amputation diagnosis (approx. 15000 MXN = 950 USD), and further, treat her foot as well (price yet to be discovered).

"...He would climb the highest tree and bring me avocado or mango from the very top..."

Once very active and strong, for almost a year already señor Marcelino cannot walk freely. After receiving a harsh diagnosis, he has been waiting to receive a knee joint prosthesis and hanging on lots of pain. If no prosthesis is to be installed the following procedure is an amputation...

As señor Marcelino is unable to work anymore, señora Eva is the only one providing money for the family and Marcelino's prosthesis.

Herself señora Eva has health issues: she beat breast cancer, has diabetes, vertigo, high blood pressure, and the newest problem: a foot, that has been diagnosed to be amputated, due to her uneasy lifestyle.

Since Marselino's diagnosis señora Eva has been selling hielitos - local Mexican cold treats sold on the streets. The price of 1 is 10 MXN (0.5 USD). Every day she grabs her heavy bags and goes to the streets, under the 35C (95F) sun of Puerto Vallarta, and sells a few dozen of them, earning approx 250 MXN (16 USD) for the day. This money is used to buy food, home supplies, and if possible, save a peso or two for the prosthesis.

...For now, they have succeeded in saving just a few thousand pesos...

While chatting with them I heard many beautiful heartwarming stories. Their big open hearts have made this world a better place for many.

They never asked for help, this fundraiser is purely my initiative. I met señora Eva on her selling route and my heart was deeply touched.

The funds are going to be received in my husband's account as neither señora Eva nor señor Marcelino has a bank account.

Let's unite and help these priceless souls to get back on their feet!