Mandate Free Hawaii is a passionate group of people committed to defending our freedom of choice. We are people found throughout all of Hawaii and well represent the unique and special diversity found here. We are your emergency service providers, your state and county public employees, your private healthcare doctors and nurses, your teachers, and all the many other concerned people that are joining hands to defend our rights and preserve our Hawaii. We are parents, fiercely advocating for our children. We are a unified voice that is not only fighting for our current rights, but that is standing together to save our rights for the generations to come. We LOVE our country. We LOVE our Hawaii. And we LOVE our community, family, and friends.

We strongly believe that all of us have the inalienable right to choose our medical treatment and to be the sole arbiter on that which will be taken into our body. It is unconscionable to us to willingly cede that choice to elected government officials. Nor do these officials have the right to forcefully  subject us to a medical regimen against our will.  We will not allow this to happen to us, and we will not let them do this to our keiki.  The vaccine is an individual's choice, and we respect each and every person's decision for what is best for them and their 'Ohana.

At this time, we are taking legal action to prevent this travesty. And although the financial cost may be significant, we believe that our cause and battle for freedom is worth it.  We enjoy the liberties we have today because the generations that came before us understood sacrifice, and that freedom is not free.  We know that so many of you feel that exact same way and we are galvanized by the fervent and dedicated residents of Hawaii that are joining us each day. We hope you are guided by your heart and conscience as you think about the challenge that we all face. If you feel the desire to donate in support of all of Hawaii, then we humbly thank you!

Disclaimer: This money will go in a general fund to litigate the cause as a whole, unless otherwise specified, and to continue the mission of the organization. Donations do not make you a part of the lawsuit.