Legal Fund for Jack and the Mixons

Campaign Created by: Manatee Patriots

The funds from this campaign will be received by Kristy Mitchell.

Raised: USD $ 2,350
Ken Piper has filed an Elections Commission complaint for something that was adjudicated 8 years ago. Meanwhile, Ken wants to silence the Manatee Patriots so the 56 page complaint also attacks Jack May, Janet & Dean Mixon. Mr. Piper is requesting the state levy heavy fines and possibly even pursue criminal charges for these supposed violations.

Ken is using the courts to silence anyone who disagrees with him. This is a tactic that if not stopped will be used over and over again until freedom of speech is just an idea in the history books.

Jack and the Mixons have worked for many years to make Manatee County a better place, to help elect good political candidates and to hold them accountable once in office. Now they need our help. The complexity of the code requires we retain legal counsel in order to protect ourselves and the integrity of Manatee Patriots. Please consider giving towards our legal fund.


Update #1
February 17, 2022
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A lawyer has been secured to respond to the administrative complaint. As soon as we get any new information, we will update this site and fill everyone in at the weekly Manatee Patriots meeting. Thank you for your support!


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