Renovating Mama Cleo's Boys Home

Campaign Created by: Thomas James

The funds from this campaign will be received by Mama Cleos Boys Home AC.

Goal: MXN $5,000,000
Raised: MXN $ 34,200

Mama Cleo´s Boys Home is a non-profit registered Christain group home for boys from 2 to 18 years of age in Chapala, Jalisco,  Mexico.   The home has been operating for over 12 years but the name was changed when the operations were taken over by Mama Cleo's son Alejandro and his wife Becky.  The home has expanded because of the number of boys in need.

It is currently home to 24 boys operated by Mama Cleo's son Alex and his wife.  Mama Cleo is the primary caregiver for the preschool boys ages 2 and 3 plus supervised the teenagers.  They were gifted an old house with a large yard, however, they do not have electrical power, nor a fully functional water line, and they have an outdoor BBQ for their cooking.  They have four bedrooms for the boys and their supporting parents.  Hence the need for your support.

Their immediate priorities are:

  1. Establish an electrical feed (negotiations for line usage are underway) and installation of a powerline to the residence.
  2. Establish a new water connection with a water line from the local barrio about 1 km away.  They also need to upgrade the septic system.  Water is brought in by tanker for a cistern. Drinking water is brought in large bottles every other day. 
  3. Build a covered outdoor kitchen with dining facilities.  The boys currently eat sitting on a patio and a small brick retaining wall.  Raining season is at the end of June, they need a roof now.
  4. Build a new structure to the current home for a living room, three new bedrooms with a shared bathroom, and a laundry room (current clothes are washed by hand).
  5. Create a playground for the younger children and a vegetable garden
  6. Build a new building with bedrooms for the teenagers and a caretaker´s suite for Mama Cleo.  Six boys currently live off-site with Mama Cleo.

The children are grateful for all of the blessings that are afforded to them. Your donation will help them provide the necessities of life.  


Update #4 February 2024
February 17, 2024
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There have been several new updates.  The ministry responsible for the welfare of families in Mexico conducted an audit.  They require us to create a meeting room office and indoor kitchen.  We have converted one bedroom into an office and we are in the process of creating another bedroom with showers and toilets.  We have a benefactor for this change.

We are getting quotes for creating a kitchen in our storage room.  The storage room will be moved to a shipping container as we have no other storage space.  We need support for the purchase of the shipping container. 

Update #3
November 8, 2023
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November 8, 2023,  We have been doing several things on the property.  First, the plumbing in the boy's showers has been updated.  The pipes were full of sediment, and they were replaced.  As a result of a government audit, changes to the cooking area and the use of propane are needed to secure the location of the propane tank.  The boys from the San Antonio Tlayacapan residence were moved to the property after a nursery was built for the preschool boys.  The old apartment was vacated and more renovations to have an office for the person on the night shift are underway.  We finally have the solar batteries from the United States, as they were delayed at customs, and the 50% import tax had to be raised and paid.

A Chicken coop and dog run were added and plans were obtained to convert the carport into another bedroom for 6 boys, including their bathroom with multiple toilets and showers.  The current storage area will be moved into a new shed and that space will be made into a proper kitchen and pantry.  The current outdoor BBQ kitchen will be converted into a covered dining area. 

Update #2
July 11, 2023
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The progress has been slow, but it has been proceeding,  Your donations have helped purchase Solar Batteries, which are ordered.  We have donations of solar panels and a new converter board.  They also had a roof added over the outdoor BBQ and the patio. 

Research continues into the water supply,  The municipality will not allow a well to be drilled.  We are looking at options for an appeal or a water line from Santa Cruz de la Soledad. 

Please share our story and join us in our fundraising efforts.   Weekly by a donation car wash, spaghetti dinner and the concert.

Update #1 Mama Cleo's Boys Home
May 18, 2023
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The solar system has failed and it has been assessed, the 15-year-old system is operating below 40% and the batteries that are being used are for cars.  A replacement quote is being worked on. The property is located outside of a small Mexican village and the cost to get an electrical line to the property is 300,000 pesos. That is to get electricity to the property, the installation of a new meter and panel will be additional.  

Water is still being trucked in as the water line has also failed.  A new water line or a well must be dug.  We are currently seeking quotes to assess the viability of either option.  We have a quote for a septic system, but the water solution may impact the septic placement so it is on hold.

Finally, an architect provided some drawings for the new kitchen and dining area.  The drawings were lacking an understanding of the group home's needs.  A new architect has been located and is volunteering some hours to create plans that meet the needs of the boys.   

We have cleared the trees in the area of the new kitchen and dining area, and a temporary roof over the existing BBQ and patio is being donated by a local realtor. 


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