Support Canadian Veteran Jeremy MacKenzie

Campaign Created by: David Freiheit

The funds from this campaign will be received by Jeremy MacKenzie.

Goal: CAD $150,000
Raised: CAD $ 29,910

I have never set up a GiveSendGo, and in a normal and sane universe, I would never have to. But we are not living in a normal and sane universe. 

Jeremy MacKenzie is a Canadian veteran.  He has sacrificed more for his country than most Canadians. During the pandemic, he became a political dissident, criticizing the government of the country for which he risked life and limb.

During the pandemic, Jeremy created a meme-universe known as "Diagolon". And yes, in the context of his internet discourse, he undoubtedly said some things that would shock the conscience of the timid. 

But Jeremy was a voice for the voiceless. He attended the Ottawa Convoy protests, and in so doing, attracted political ire. He has recently been charged with various criminal offenses for which he has not yet had his day in court. And even if he is ever convicted, such a conviction could not possibly justify what is being done to Jeremy.

After spending over 2 months in pretrial detainment, after testifying during the Public Order Emergency Commission from jail, Jeremy was released on bail pending trial. However, his political persecution did not end there.

On Friday, January 20, 2023, Jeremy received a Friday afternoon call from Scotiabank advising him that - for reasons not given - the bank would be ending its decades-long relationship with Jeremy - within a month! Scotiabank is the same bank that had previously apologized for unilaterally freezing the bank accounts of individuals involved in the Ottawa protests. Of course, Scotiabank would still allow Jeremy to make payments on his Scotiabank mortgage. They would just not be renewing the mortgage.

This fundraiser is not an endorsement of the offensive things Jeremy has said. It is not an endorsement of the crimes for which Jeremy is accused. This fundraiser is a middle finger to the tyranny we are currently witnessing in Canada.

Love him or hate him, we either stand with Jeremy, or we come to terms with the fact that Canada is not a free and democratic society.

I, David Freiheit, set this account up. I will not take one penny from it. All proceeds go to Jeremy and to whatever costs and fees he incurs in pursuit of justice. My hope is that it pays off Jeremy's mortgage and living expenses.

My hope is that Canadians - and the world - let the government of Canada know that no matter how much admiration Trudeau has for the basic dictatorship of China, Canada will not become China under our watch.



Update #1
January 25, 2023
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Hi everyone,

Having never done this before, I realize I should probably give an update.

1) Thank you all for donating. This has already been an amazingly successful. And while some media have covered the story, Canadian "Legacy Media" have done a good job avoiding it. Tweet out the story at Canadian media - respectfully, so they can't make any slanderous allegation. 

2) Jeremy has been unable to find a bank that will open an account for him. It's outrageous. It's unconscionable. And it's the perfect illustration of the grotesque abuse at issue here. Cut off his banking while he is facing criminal charges, and effectively deprive him of any ability to defend himself. It's tyranny, nothing less.

3) If Jeremy cannot manage to open an alternate account, the funds will be transferred to a trusted account at his direction. At the end of the campaign, Jeremy will provide the details of the account to which the funds wiull be transferred, so he will be able to benefit from the generosity of all those who have donated. 

Stay tuned. Share away. And thank you all. 



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