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Goal : USD $150,000
Raised : USD $ 10

Call for Crowdfunding to Help Save the World with

“The Love, Freedom, & the World Project”

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It’s 2022, and people all over the world are overwhelmed with stress about the future of life on earth. Although many are concerned about what some might call “the trashing of the planet” (a very valid concern), I believe that many more individuals are deeply worried about their quality of life.

Will they live in free societies? Will China and Russia overwhelm the world? Will Western countries morph into technocratic and totalitarian versions of hell? Will America entirely lose its way and fall into darkness?

Will pandemics like Covid be used to permanently lock down and harm billions? Will government manipulation of resources and infrastructures cause hundreds of millions of innocents to die of starvation or disease? Will our children be indoctrinated to the point where they have no idea what they have lost, and fulfill the prediction of Syme in George Orwell’s novel 1984 when he told the protagonist Winston about the rise of “Newspeak”:

= = = = = = = = = =

"Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. . . .

"The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect. . . .

Has it ever occurred to you, Winston, that by the year 2050, at the very latest, not a single human being will be alive who could understand such a conversation as we are having now?"

= = = = = = = = = =

It is indeed eerie that Orwell wrote that this would happen by 2050. Only twenty-eight years away, many forward-thinking individuals may feel that it will happen much sooner than that. Do we even have until the 2024 elections in America?

Ultimately, the crisis that is overwhelming humanity right now is not just about politics. Its source is far deeper and is rooted in the definition of human life. It’s plain to see that the most evil totalitarian systems are also atheistic and express an unfettered rage toward those who believe in God or any value-centered religion.

The tipping point of life or death for the world is whether or not the majority of humans can come to the realization that all individuals were created by a transcendent and loving Intelligent Source.

This is not a denominational or sectarian issue. The existence and relevance of the God who created love, kindness, compassion, integrity, honesty, and all the virtues of life must be acknowledged as an “all-human concern.”

No one can deny that air, food, and water are necessary for survival. In the same way, humans need to globally agree that humanity needs an active connection to God for an unselfish, kind, and compassionate world to flourish. Religions must go beyond the details of their particular doctrines and come to an understanding that the Invisible Source of Life created the virtues as the common glue that binds all humans together.

Every baby yearns for love, no matter where that infant is born. The embrace of love that comforts the child, coming from either the mother or father, is not doctrinal but instead expresses a universal and foundational reality of what it means to be human. Babies flourish in an atmosphere of love, and as they grow, children and adults do as well.

The evils of the world all have two things in common: they are anti-love, and they are anti-freedom.

What Is Unique About the Love, Freedom, and the World Project?

Its uniqueness lies in its central analysis of the solution to the world’s ills. Although the solution involves the external propagation of freedom and all of its attendant benefits, the real solution is an internal one.

Plainly speaking, the salvation of the world depends upon whether or not humans can finally understand that God created love and freedom as the irreplaceable and sacred pillars of human life.

One might think, “Well, that’s obvious.”

But it’s not. Not at all. Totalitarian systems of thought, including Marxism and Orthodox Islam, completely reject that view of life.

Thus, the heart and mission of the Love, Freedom, and the World Project is to communicate the Godly virtues of “love, beauty, joy, and freedom” to as many people around the world as possible. Its approach is also unique in that these core messages go beyond doctrine or sectarian religion. Without dismissing the value of doctrinal religions, the LFW Project focuses on the transcendent and universal truths expressed above. Thus, the message can appeal to a wide audience.

I believe in this mission and have adopted it as my life’s work. I am confident that the message of this project will resonate with people from every culture and have made a commitment to reach far beyond the shores of America. Still, one must start somewhere...

For the last five years, I’ve taught myself to produce videos and short films as the primary medium of the LFW project, now produced under the banner of “World Community Films.” With over fifty videos online, their titles include such topics as:

You can view all the videos at the FalkenBrown Show here.

I’ve also been busy writing essays and books published by The World Community Press, with my fourth book almost ready and four more on the way.

For quite a long time, I’ve been self-funding and bootstrapping this mission on a part-time basis, but now it needs to expand to a full-time venture with additional personnel.

Time is now short, and the speed of the decline of freedom around the world has increased so rapidly that it really does seem like the world is one breath away from total collapse.

Crowdfunding: Will You Help the Love, Freedom, and the World Project?

I want to eventually split off World Community Films into a corporation and thus have decided to seek crowdfunding for the first year of what I hope will be a full-time operation. During the first year, I hope to hire business and marketing consultants to help increase the audience of the LFW Channel (also known as The FalkenBrown Show) and also create a second-year “Phase Two” plan of either investment funding or additional crowdfunding.

Thus, your financial support is critical during this first year.

Goals for Phase One: The First Year

  • Market testing of a new format and home for the videos.
    • The web address and video platform as well as the look and feel.
    • The name of the show (“The Love, Freedom, & the World Show,” or perhaps “The FalkenBrown Show.”)
  • Create weekly shows that will include interviews with notable persons about topics that fit within the scope of the mission.
  • Hire marketing and business experts (consultants) to help expand audience reach and guide the project toward profitability.
    => Do you know people who are experts in these areas? If so, please help me connect to them!
  • Based on audience growth, create revenue streams, e.g., promotions, sponsorships, advertising, memberships, merchandise, etc.
  • A sub-project of the LFW Project and World Community Films is a for-profit project called “The God and Freedom Alliance,” which will have various levels of membership fees. The theme of the project is expressed in a document called “A Declaration on God and Freedom” at As part of that project, WCF could eventually host “God and Freedom Conferences” with speakers and ticket sales.

Goals for Phase Two: The Second Year

  • Incorporate and gain substantial new funding from investors.
  • Expand audience reach significantly.
  • Increase video output and make a variety of short films or documentaries.

Funding Goals for First Year

  • My working salary, as the full-time, chief content creator: $78,000
  • Fees paid to experts in business, marketing, publicity, sales, legal, etc. $22,000
  • Marketing and Publicity / Audience Growth: $50,000
  • Total: $150,000

I am exceedingly grateful for your help! I truly believe that we can make a difference.

Peter Falkenberg Brown


Update #3 - New Video: A Declaration on God and Freedom
August 7, 2022
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A Declaration on God and Freedom

I received this declaration in prayer and would like to share it. Here's an excerpt from the video.

When God, who created the universe, looks down at the Earth, what does He see? The God who exists outside of time and space is aware of everything and everyone. The God who embodies the concepts of infinity is so tiny that He can sit on the petal of a flower and admire a butterfly, and yet so large that He lived through every moment of the tragedies of history.

Every person, lonely and broken or filled with joy, is wrapped in the arms of the Creator of love. None can escape the attention of the omnipresent God who looks in the eyes of each human and sees the sacred light that is part of God. Nothing can separate a person's soul from the indwelling God, even when an individual has drifted into the harsh world of denial.

. . .

The FalkenBrown Show
The Love, Freedom, & the World Project

Update #2 - New Video: Totalitarians Caused and Committed the Three Mass Murders of Covid
August 7, 2022
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Totalitarians Caused and Committed the Three Mass Murders of Covid

The totalitarian actions surrounding COVID entirely disqualify the mainstream "COVID narrative."

There are Three Mass Murders of Covid: Making the Virus, Blocking the Cures, and Making Killer "Vaccines."

The tragic consequences of the COVID pandemic happened because of the totalitarian censorship of discussions about treatments for COVID and the subsequent totalitarian blocking of verified COVID cures. It's as simple as that.

Who is Responsible?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, most certainly. Many other "elite" bureaucrats and government leaders are also culpable. Nuremberg-like trials and enormous class-action lawsuits should be the order of the day.

We must follow the money trail and the power trail. Who has benefited from the COVID lockdowns and the push to "vaccinate the entire world"?

Was this part of the "Great Reset" and a global depopulation strategy, advanced with explicitly malevolent intentions by a global cabal?

Or was this just a crass and greedy plan to create a pandemic and then produce the vaccines that would be sold to the world at an enormous profit?

Or a combination of the two?

Whatever the genesis of the "pandemic," the guilty parties are the totalitarians at every level of society who acted against the principles of freedom.

by Peter Falkenberg Brown
The FalkenBrown Show
The Love, Freedom, & the World Project

I've made a new video! Not waiting for funds to arrive: just doing the work! :-) Here's the info, below.
August 2, 2022
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Will Republicans Stop the 2022 Election Fraud?

I’m a Republican. And I have questions for all the Republicans who think that Trump didn’t win the 2020 Presidential race; who think that there was no election fraud and Biden won, fair and square.

My first question is this. What do you think the Democrats and the Hard-Left would have been doing since November, 2020 if Trump had won and they thought that fraud had been committed by Republicans? Not just fraud, but the same types of fraud and the same level of fraud that have been articulated by many conservative Republicans since that date? Not just suspicions of fraud, but allegations with the same kind of evidence that has been presented since 2020?
. . .
There are just over three months until November 8, 2022. Will Republicans in power stop the election fraud of 2022 before it’s too late?

That, my friends, is the question.

by Peter Falkenberg Brown
The FalkenBrown Show
The Love, Freedom, & the World Project


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