On December 15th my nephew Loren died from a drug overdose. This is so hard to explain but the people that were supposed to love him and make sure he had a good life completely dropped the ball. He was not allowed to come stay with us or spend any meaningful time with us. His paternal grandparents denied us more than occasional visits and his father treated him as his grandparents, as if he were an inconvience. He was not taught the basics of caring for himself and was left to live without any real guidance. He was left a trust by his grandmother but most of that was squandered or stolen and was paid out without any real consideration for how he was to live. He was miserable and ended up living on the streets with no real hope for a joyful life. We tried to help as much as we could but his choices were his to make and we were left helpless to do anything. In the end we are left shocked and sad at how the entire world failed him. All we can do now is give him one last gift and that is this sendoff. Anything you give will be appreciated. Thanks and God Bless everyone.