On January 11, Victor Lopez passed away in the hospital due to COVID related complications. Then on January 17, Victor's brother John passed away from COVID complications. The very next day John and Victor's mom Celia passed away in the hospital, again from COVID complications. Not even 30 days later, on February 4th, we lost Estella, another beloved sibling. This has devastated our family. Surviving family members are having to raise money to bury our loved ones because no one had any burial plans and everything must be paid before the funeral home will allow the funeral to proceed.  

This is very tough to do and then there are some stressful probate issues that will have to be taken care of while dealing with the grief and sudden loss of so many loved ones. 

Any financial help you and your loved ones is so greatly appreciated.  If you can't help financially, will you please be willing to share the link on any and all your social media pages, with co-workers, friends, family, churches in their bulletin, community centers, even by email to any email lists you may have, or any other place you can think of?  Planning and paying for 4 funerals is so costly and we were quite unprepared for this.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, donations, and assistance sharing this link. If you can even share it once a week on social media to keep it active and in front of your social media contacts, that would be so very helpful also.