Tanuki Sunset is a very cool longboard skating game played from the third-person perspective. You'll be in charge of Tanuki, a skateboarding raccoon, as he rides along winding roads into the sunset. Tanuki has to jump and slide to avoid obstacles and pick up items to earn points. By getting points, your roulette meter will fill up, giving you a chance to spin the wheel and earn more bonus points. So, keep in mind that you should try to get as many points as you can.

When you reach a certain checkpoint along the course, you can stop and go to Bob's Skate Shop. Here, Tanuki can buy new board parts, clothes, and other things. He can also play the arcade game and call his talkative mother from time to time. Players have to drift a lot and try to get some air time while avoiding cars and other obstacles. Keep your raccoon close to the walls and edges to get tight squeezes and score as many points as possible. Since this is a third-person game, you can take in the beautiful graphics and great music as you go downhill.