Living free and Fit LLC is a Black Woman owned business established in 2012 in the home of owner, me International Federations of Bodybuilding Bikini Pro Karen Small, Licensed Massage and Body Work Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer. Living Free and Fit LLC originally opened as Living Free Therapeutic Massage and focused only on affordable massage for individuals that would not have traditionally had access to the benefit  such services.  Over the last 10 years I have increased my skill set and accomplishments to now include wellness, personal training, fitness, yoga and nutrition along with massage with the focus on individuals, especially woman, of cultural and  diverse lifestyles.   

Funding for Living Free and Fit is needed to expand services to include healthy food prep services, weekly workout camps, and total nutrition and fitness training.  Any and all funds would be used to add trainers to the team, upgrade the current brick and mortar location to accommodate healthy snack and food choices made on the premises for sale, sample and demonstration to clients.

The goal is to help minority woman especially African American woman to decrease their systemically higher numbers of high blood pressure, glucose levels and obesity.  Living Free and Fit LLC has become a ministry for me to really share everything I have learned in fitness along with my faith that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Now at the age of 60 I want to be able to let anyone know that if i can accomplish being a champion bodybuilder they can truly transform their lives, body and overall health to be the best version of them they can be.