Act 2 of my Battle with Cancer - #LiveMoore

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Help us THRIVE rather than just survive in 2017!  Watch this amazing message from our Pastor on thriving vs. surviving

Hi Family, Friends, and Acquaintances

It’s been quite a year and I’m sure you all are exhausted, as we are.  Facing stage 4 cancer at the age of 33 is crazy talk.  That being said, the time has come to make some very difficult decisions. 2017 has us focused on quality of life and curative intent.

Over the Past Year

I started chemotherapy back in February of 2016.  Nik and I just counted; I’ve had 19 treatments.  At first, side effects were somewhat minimal.  However, they dramatically increased due to toxicity buildup (remember, these are poisonous chemicals).  I have experienced weight loss, a nasty rash all over my body, thinning hair, sores on my hands/feet/mouth, continuous bloody noses…needless to say, it isn’t fun.  My recovery time continues to get longer and longer as well.  I’m currently treated every two weeks, and I’m usually laid up in bed for the next 4 to 5 days. When I finally start feeling like myself again, I only get to enjoy a week with Nik and Cullen.  It has been a painful road for our new family.  

Nik and I sat down with our Oncologist at OHSU to ask some very difficult questions. We asked if there was still any chance of surgery. As far as they are concerned, this is no longer an option for me.  Surgery was the ultimate goal we were striving for under conventional treatment, as it held the greatest chance for a curative effect.  Nik and I then asked what the plan was going forward, and were told to maintain the chemo regimen forever.  This isn’t enough for us. I’ve always known that the cards were strongly stacked against me, but I WILL NOT stop trying everything in my power to beat this.  Now we are at the next stage of our journey.

Alternative Therapies

Nik and I have been researching options that revolve around a “curative intent” in addition to quality of life measures.  We’ve come across a lot of research, studies, and testimonials that have brought us to our next decision.  We will attack this holistically, as I initially wanted to.  I’m a believer, and I think future research will show the healing powers of carefully-planned nutritional and holistic approaches to medicine.  Besides, what do I really have to lose?

We’ve narrowed our search down to the Northern Baja Gerson Treatment Center in Tijuana, Mexico.  It is a state of the art facility offering highly advanced  immunotherapy and alternative treatment modalities. Immunotherapy is an up-and-coming treatment that is shown to be very effective at halting cellular mutations, boosting the immune system, and eliminating cancer.  Ideally, we would couple this with a protocol like Gerson Therapy. Gerson Therapy is an organic, veggie-based diet focusing on juicing, supplementation, Vitamin C IV Therapy, Acupuncture, Reiki, and other alternative modalities.  

We Ask for Your Support One Last Time

These alternative therapy options are not covered under insurance, as they fall outside the realm of conventional practices such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. We know we have leaned heavily on our friends and family, and we are EXTREMELY grateful to everyone.  Nik, Cullen, and I are truly blessed and hope to find a cure, or at the very least improve the quality of our lives together.  

The treatment centers require cash. Nik will be able to accompany me to the clinics for the quoted prices. In an effort to be transparent about what we’re asking for, here’s a breakdown of the costs:

Northern Baja Clinic: $5800 X 3 weeks                                   =  $17,400

    This will include all meals, juicing, and alternative treatments

Immunotherapy: $5500                                                             =  $5,500
                                                                                 Total Cost:  $22,900

Cancer treatment is not cheap. I hate asking people for money, but my family needs your help if there is any hope of beating this.  Anything helps.  We are grateful for your support and prayers.  God has a plan.  This I believe.  ;)  #LiveMoore


Update #1
February 6, 2017
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Just wanted to let you all know that Nikki and I reserved my spot down in Tijuana and I will be starting treatment on 2/14.  We are excited and hopeful of this new adventure.  We are projecting to stay for 3 weeks and may stay longer if we feel the need.  I will keep you posted as to my day to day experience down there in hopes of keeping you all in the loop as well as providing another avenue for information and treatment options.  Thank you all again for your generousity.  I feel like I cant say that enough.

-Matt   #LiveMoore

Update #2
February 4, 2017
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Thank you to everyone who took the time to share and donate to our cause.  It's been absolutely amazing and uplifting to feel the love and support of so many.  We are truly blessed.  Any additional funds will be used to pay down our mounting medical bills that we have already accrued over the past year.  We can't thank you enough for your generosity.  Stay tuned for more updates as we take a leap of faith.  #livemoore


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