Healing Treatment For My Mom

My mom has been battling a serious autoimmune disease for 12+ years and, by the grace of God, has finally found a treatment that gets straight to the root of her health issues. She is working with two alternative doctors and a health plan that has already proven to reverse disease in hundreds of people with autoimmune conditions such as multiple sclerosis, parkinson's, diabetes, and more. This is a treatment that is fairly new and not well known yet, but is very safe and very effective, and we are extremely grateful to the Lord for leading us in this direction. She has been able to do one treatment cycle so far which was proving to be working and helping tremendously with her balance and walking abilities and other symptoms, but she has had to stop treatments for now due to the cost. That's why I'm seeking help from our friends and family so that she can continue these treatments and finally put all of this behind her.


Update #1
March 29, 2022
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Update: Thank you so much to everyone who has helped my mom so far! Because of all of your generosity (including a few offline donations), my mom has been able to complete 2 full rounds of this treatment-- and while it's gradual and a little rollercoaster-like sometimes, there are big marked improvements, and the treatment is absolutely working! Praise God!!

Some of the improvements for her include improved balance a lot of the time, less weakness and heaviness in her legs and arms, less brain fog, less bloating, better hearing, and a lot less numbness in her legs, feet, and hand.

These things might not seem super exciting to you, but what it works out to in real life is her being able to easily roll over in bed, walk by herself sometimes without hanging onto a person or a wall, putting on her eye makeup in the morning without having to hold up her right arm with her left arm, being able to write and draw more easily, and not having to rely on others all of the time for doing simple chores and cooking. That's all kind of huge! This is really exciting and encouraging, and it looks like the end of this long, weary road is in sight!

She still really needs your support, as this treatment costs around $750 a month, and it may take a year to 18 months for her to be completely healed (hopefully sooner though!). Please share this fundraiser with your friends, family, and church! And please remember her in your prayers also. Thank you!!



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