Give FREE expert graphic design and communications to under-resourced ministries and nonprofits.

When you support LimeAid as a monthly donor, your support allows the Lime Creative team to give away their time and talents to Christ-centered ministries and nonprofits for FREE. Your dollars are doubled! For every HOUR funded, we’ll donate an extra HOUR of creative and consulting services. (It’s a “BOGO” situation.)

Here's the situation... Many small nonprofits can't afford to keep seasoned graphic designers, marketing specialists, web developers, or other communications professionals on staff. They're busy focusing on serving.

But in our visually-driven, technology-filled world, nonprofits also can't afford NOT to have clear branding, a secure and functional website, and designs that build trust.

That's where LimeAid by Lime Creative comes in. We have almost TWO DECADES of experience working with nonprofit organizations of all sizes, and we want to bring that expertise to smaller organizations that might otherwise struggle to make an impact on their own.

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