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Campaign Created by: German T Jimenez

The funds from this campaign will be received by German T Jimenez.

Raised: USD $ 749

Peace and Blessings, 

We can really use your help by almsgiving to support this Quarterly Magazine Production and Catholic Press, so that by  the abundance of God's goodness we can help the battle for the Church, by restoring Catholic Art and Press to help the faithful grow in the interior life united to the beauty of the Cross in the duties of family life and find shelter in the mantle of our Lady by the growing of virtue in society, so that we can see the events and signs of the times by the hands of God's providence and remain hopeful for the Victory of our Lady's Immaculate heart and Christ the King.

I am asking of a suggested donation of $10 for a issue of the magazine/journal, but give what you can for this is not a price. Anything from the minimum will seriously help our efforts, as the Franciscans would say while asking for alms for the Love of God and our Lady, I ask your charity for it has been difficult to ask for such help but the time has come in seeking and asking to reach souls to rescue them from the secular world and he has done for me.

God has helped humble me from such a life like the prodigal son and rescued me by the hands of our Lady of Guadalupe and Star of the Sea, which has showed me the value of family life and my family. So I'm trying to do what I can to support myself as an artist and family life to share the tools God has given me along the way for others to do so as well. By working on this magazine and asking for benefactors and sponsors, my hope is that we can help restore the Catholic Art in the secular culture and engage the world to restore the Kingship of Christ in its true and Traditional form with Truth and Beauty in the public sphere. 

Le Shade + Umbra Dei Press Mission:

A Roman Catholic Lay Apostolate

+We aim that in sharing the beauty of the catholic and apostolic faith we hope to grow fellowship And Support for religious life To restore the Kingship of Christ in society by helping build a catholic environment by growing the interior life in finding shelter in the hope of the cross and Devotion to Our Lady, so to help the faithful To see God’s will in every state of life to use of their talents for the glory of God by A life of prayer and penance in Growing Catholic apostolic Family Life. 

(Jn 19:27)

+By drawing souls To love the life united to the Cross in seeing Things with a monastic heart by providing art and journalism to give resources to see the beauty of the Cross and to rest under the mantle of our Lady and Stay in the State of grace (GAL 2:20) 

+ To Live Doing all for the Glory of God to help stay faithful and united to the Sacrifice of the mass by Support of the SaCraments, the Priesthood, devotion to The Holy Family, and God’s Commandments.

(Col 3:17)

The Church Christ establish is at battle with the world and many are leaving or mistaken about what to do in this Crisis that they are giving up hope. I could use your help this non profit to help in producing the magazine and projects to help inspire a prayerful and monastic heart, by showing the rich beauty and truth of what the Church has taught in it's Traditional Apostolic Faith and Life, along with help families and faithful remain in the shade of the Cross and Mantle of Our Lady and learn to live united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and build an interior life to give our lives in contrition to listen to God's Will. We aim to support the priesthood of the Society of St. Pius the X and the True Faith of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church by not compromising to modernism and show what the SSPX is doing to in the true missionary spirit. We ask your Alms that will help me print more magazines and fund the projects listed, but also help me, German Jimenez, to live and as an artist create a family business to support this apostolate work and hope that it grows. 

It has been a dream to be able to create and work for a magazine with a classical aesthetic, create films, and have a place or cafe where people can come read old catholic books and the magazine while enjoying a cup of coffee with other faithful interested in the stories with faith, films, and photo journalism. All with the security of a haven against the modern world.

Also, with the hopes of supporting monastic life, by tithing our donations, we wanted to give our support in donations to the Monastic life and SSPX priests by helping the building of the Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which roasts a great coffee called "Abbey Roast" and the missionary work of the society of St. Pius the X priest mission chapels. 

So with this being said,  Le Shade magazine is a way to tie together the faith with art and media to connect all things through the lens of the Providence of God, while sharing the news with the signs of the time with Hope in Christ and His Church: the Catholic Sheepfold, Apostolic, Roman.

We hope you can take part of this in helping us get the magazine going with the needed materials to restore the Catholic Press and True Catholic Culture. The hopes of making a place where Catholic faithful can find art and stories on the go, while enjoying their morning coffee and opening the magazine to reflect on God's hand in all things happening.

Then, people going into the world seeing the hope that Christ promised us while seeing events and scripture tied together with the beauty. One day we hope to have a wholesome place to one day gather by raising up to find a local shop to create the umbra Dei Press & Cafe as reference to the old Catholic missions of our time, where people would come and listen to the faith and enjoy community. God reward you all and Mary keep you in supporting this mission. We would like to create a printing and darkroom in-house to support the artistic needs of the magazine to share the Faith, Beauty and Truth. 

Goal Details:

+Magazine printing cost ranges around $80-200 for 20-30 copies

+ 501(c) 3 non profit, Sales License -$750

+ Apostolate Merch and Artwork Prints

- Tools & Material - Calligraphy Ink & Paper

- Film Developing and Darkroom - $20 ea Roll, Film Price $10.

- Photo Art Work Print Cost - $10-20

+ Custom Jackets, Coffee and Mugs to sell merchandise production cost - $100-200

+ Fundraise for Production for Films and Stories of Novels/Journal.

+ Mobile umbra Dei Press Art Library/ Cafe. Raising Funds to get a Mobile/Car trailer to travel for photojournalism and cafe: hold photography, books and cafe materials, to share the Print Materials and Magazine - $4000-$12,000

+ Photo Book production yearly, which houses more of the original photography over the past year, more elegant book with binding cost - $300 for 200

*Please specify if you like your donation to go towards my own needs, or if this is a commission donation*


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Update #2 - DBA established
July 7, 2023
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Peace and Blessings, 

We have thankfully registered Le Shade - Umbra Dei as a DBA, so we are a step closer to opening a business account and thus be able to organized funds and head towards establishing the Non Profit. By being able to receive donations and support with either name once the account is open, we can make things more official to the apostolate work. We thank you all for the continued support! God reward you all and Mary keep you+ 

Pax, in Umbra Dei, 

German T

Website Launch - LeShade.Org
October 5, 2022
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Peace and Blessings, 

By the grace of God, we have launched our site. Thanks to the help of a church friend we were able to get it running in hopes that we can get closer to being able to support the production of the magazine and prints by your donations! Thank you and God reward you all! 

Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us, Pax in Umbra Dei+



  • Praying the Lord, through the intercession of St. Maximilian Kolbe, help us fund the production of the new magazine and monthly News Letters and Journal.
  • Hoping that through the grace of God, be able to find a way to create a darkroom space to create art photography printing for the magazine and commissions to share the Beauty of the Faith and provide to trade for Alms.
  • Praying we can fund the apostolate so to pray our services for the creation of the website, along with the help to pay for the apostolate to be set up as a non profit to help establish the goals of a place to reach more souls.