The unrelenting effort to purge conservative voices from all walks of life ran into a brick wall this year after Left-wing and Marxist groups launched a year-long campaign to vilify Rep. David Eastman and expel him from public office against the will of Alaska voters.

They lost at the ballot box and they are now suing him personally for getting re-elected! Please help us defend David in court from this unprecedented attack on a legislator, his family, and the right of voters to choose their own representatives!

-Background on the Lawsuit-
After running socialist and moderate candidates against him three elections in a row without success, last year they reached back to a law written in 1950 that forbids Communists from serving in government, and declared that David should be forbidden from being a legislator because he attended President Trump's speech on January 6th in Washington, DC.

That was it. They sought to brand him a "disloyal American" (read: patriot) and "fascist" (read: capitalist) for standing with the president by attending and listening to the president's speech. For this supposed crime they spent eight months hosting rallies, and email and phone call campaigns to put pressure on the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives to remove him from office.

Alaskans responded in David's support, and it didn't work. Eight months into their campaign, when it was obvious they had failed, the media announced that David had joined Oath Keepers back in 2009, and they decided to add that to their list of reasons he was a "disloyal American". Recommitting yourself to honoring your oath to the United States Constitution is now an act of disloyalty, tantamount to being a revolutionary, in their perspective.

To give you a flavor of where they are coming from politically, the campaign to remove David was started by the Party for Socialism and Liberation in Anchorage, Alaska. They demand the violent overthrow of all capitalist governments and highlighted their campaign against David on the Communist News Website.

They have since brought in a radical law firm (the Northern Justice Project) and attorneys from California and Fairbanks to sue David personally. The Northern Justice Project law office is a living shrine to the Black Panther Party and various Communist revolutionaries. They required David to be deposed underneath a poster of communist revolutionary Che Guevara.

Today, they are asking David and his family to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees so that they can put him on trial for "disloyalty" to the Constitution. If he had lost his election, the case would go away. It is only because he won re-election, in the face of their continued public attacks against him, that they want to put him on trial.

There are no attorneys in Alaska whose job it is to defend whether or not someone should be a member of the legislature, or whether an election should be overturned because a legislator is "disloyal" to the Constitution. The idea of suing a legislator personally for being a member of the legislature "unconstitutionally" is unheard of.

It's a stressful time for David and his family as they wonder where the money will come from to defend his continuing to serve in the legislature against these legal attacks (a textbook example of lawfare if there ever was one). They believe this is where God has asked them to serve as a family today, and they will continue to stand, but there is a concerted effort to silence conservative voices in government today and they are certainly feeling that. Please help us counter this attack with the resources that David needs to be able to defend himself and the will of Alaskan voters in court.

Your contribution today will be used exclusively to help David continue to fight the legal battles that arise as he stands on the front lines fighting to fulfill his oath to support and defend the Constitution!

-Media Coverage-

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-Legal Disclaimer-
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