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Campaign Created by: Robert Bevis

The funds from this campaign will be received by Robert Bevis.

Goal : USD $100,000
Raised : USD $ 16,133

The Second Amendment has been disregarded

On August 16, 2022, the City of Naperville passed an unconstitutional ban on the commercial sale of the most commonly owned semi-automatic rifles. Gun-hating politicians in the City want to put Law Weapons, a family-owned business with an impeccable safety record, out of business and they are using this ban to shut Law Weapons down. This ordinance will make the public less safe by limiting the ability of the public to protect themselves in the precious time it would take for police to respond to any threat to the public. Law Weapons and Supply in Naperville, Illinois has served the public, police force, and the FBI with training and equipment since 2014.

The gun ban is scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2023.

Robert Bevis, owner of Law Weapons, supported by his family, his staff, and a legion of friends and supporters, has been vigorously fighting against this ban. Now that the City has passed its gun ban ordinance, the fight to keep Law Weapons’ doors open will continue next in federal courts.  Robert is committed to continuing this fight with everything he has, but taking on the City in court will not be an inexpensive battle.

Robert will incur substantial legal fees and costs waging this battle for the survival of Law Weapons.

Robert and his family need our financial help now.This is not an issue limited to Law Weapons and Naperville - the anti-2A mob is planning right now to pass similar bans all over the State of Illinois and is using Naperville as the model.

So, Naperville is the tip of the spear  - if you want to prevent a ban like this from happening in your town, and trust us it is coming to your town next, then you need to help Robert defeat the Naperville ban right now by contributing to help him underwrite the significant legal expenses he will be incurring to fight the fight not just for Law Weapons, but for all of us in Illinois.  

If you believe in our Second Amendment, if you support Law Weapons and other law-abiding gun shops then please show that by contributing to this fund now.


Update Law Weapons filed the lawsuit against the City of Naperville
September 9, 2022
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Hello Friends,

We filed our lawsuit in federal court 9/8/22 (Download Copy Here) and may file another in state court next week. The Naperville ban violates our second amendment rights and our customer's rights because it harms their ability to acquire firearms for self-defense in the city of Naperville.

We are asking the Judge for an injunction on the ordinance, and for the ordinance to be declared unconstitutional. Our lawsuit also seeks repayment of all attorney fees as well as fees for compensatory and nominal damages.

Thank you everyone for the prayers and donations we have received so far and please pass the page to anyone you know that may help us stay in the fight against Naperville and to save Law Weapons.

PLEASE Consider supporting, Scott Wehrli for Mayor of Naperville I have known Scott for a long time, he is a great business owner, has a passionate desire to keep Naperville safe, will protect the people's money, he grew up in Naperville, went to school here, has raised his family here and is even a part-time police officer. Stay tuned and get on our email list, Subscribe Law Weapons will be hosting events for Scott and other council candidates soon and I ask that everyone vote this year and let's take back Naperville. Scott is the no-nonsense guy we want as mayor of Naperville.

Also Councilman Paul Hinterlong was the only "no" vote of the council and he should be thanked by every one of us for doing so. I'm, sure he has taken a lot of heat for voting for what he believes in and against the other members. So if you have a minute please let him know how we appreciate him and his stance on the second amendment.

All the best and we look forward to seeing you at the next rally!,

Robert and Family


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