Lawsons On Purpose walks through the life of the Lawson Family as we seek to work on projects all over the house and beyond! Each episode will feature different projects our family is seeking to accomplish and maybe even the eventual problem that pops up. From rooms in the house like "The Library", "The Coffee Shop", Kitchen, "Theatre", to the outside garden and hardscape, My name is Nathan, and with my wife Kim, and our kids, we are determined to have PURPOSE in our lives. Follow along as we make this house a home. See content links below!!

SEASON TWO is live  and we need better microphones to film the show! Help us to develop the show better and keep the quality strong!

we need to purchase additional microphones, cameras, and editing equipment to expand the shows opportunities. We would love to expand our episode count as well!

Please prayfully consider coming along side us as we wish to produce FAMILY WHOLESOME content that is also ENTERTAINING!

This is REAL reality TV - no scripts, all raw cut and narrated by US - The Lawsons. We want to raise our children and have LIFE - ON PURPOSE.

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Season 1 - Episode 9
Never Grow Up - It’s Optional

Season 1 - Episode 2
Let's Take a trip to Mt. Pilot!