The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is now in full swing. It has reached a military tipping point, with Russian troops crossing airspace and land borders. and physically invading Ukrainian territory.

This conflict has forced hundreds and thousands of people, young families, children and the elderly, to flee their homes.  Many are now saving their lives in the villages, or seeking shelter in their towns to protect themselves somehow.

Our foundation was created with the aim of helping people affected by war. We have already provided for hundreds of people in Odessa, Kiev, Kharkov and Nikolaev. Now we urgently need personal hygiene supplies, warm clothes, medicine, food, as well as mattresses/blankets for those who have already lost their homes as a result of the bombing.

We urge everyone not to stand by.  Prayer is our most effective weapon, but our finances also play an important role in meeting the daily needs of people who have become especially vulnerable in this war. 

We would be grateful for your cooperation with our foundation to meet the basic needs of those especially affected by this tragedy - the elderly alone, young children, single mothers and people with disabilities.