A statewide news organization with a conservative perspective. The “Fox News” or “Daily Wire” of Kentucky

Multiplatform. TV, Radio, Digital, OTT

Have an explicitly religious conservative perspective in its reporting and editorials.

Public demand for this type of coverage as a balance to the leftist corporate news in Kentucky.

Louisville based media group with TV and Radio Stations:

Political perspective: owned by an evangelical ministry.

We have the passion to fight the battle.


- Nightly Newscasts for each KY Broadcast Market

- Weekly Investigative Reporting Programming

- Weekly Debate and Call In Programs


- Statewide “Red State Friendly” Radio News network to replace iHearts “KNN”

- Daily Statewide Syndicated Talk Program

- Daily Local News Breaks for Louisville


- Repurpose all TV and Radio content for Web, Social Media, and OTT

- Create unique digital content for Web, Social, OTT

News Aggregation site – Kentucky’s Drudge Report

Media Hub

Community Resource for conservative activism and candidates – Kentucky’s Brietbart


Phased roll out. Build one aspect at time.

Hiring staff to expand production/distribution

Kick start and augment assets we already have.

Will network with local churches in the state.

Impact the Governor’s race by spinning up aspects of this now

Long Term Vision 

This will be a several year project in KY

Can be replicated in other states. Battle ground states first… Georgia, Penn, Ohio, Michigan

Use local Christian Media groups as base and hub in these states.

Create a template in KY then focus national donors on a state by state roll out.