Support suspended FBI Whistleblowers

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The funds from this campaign will be received by Kyle Seraphin .

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Folks, many of you have asked how you can help the public stance to expose FBI Corruption. We are going to have legal bills as we push to share America’s information with the people of America. The FBI should not hide behind "policy" when they are using American tax dollars to undercut our Republic. 

We will be fighting to regain the rightful employment of "purged" conservative FBI employees who have been suspended or terminated simply for making protected disclosures in accordance with federal law and exercising their First Amendment protected rights to free speech.

This fund will be used to support 2 whistleblower families who have been suspended without pay Garret O'Boyle and Marcus Allen as seen testifying on Congress on 5/18/2023. Standing up for the America we want to live in has come at great cost to these men's families. We are so appreciative of the outpouring of support and prayer since this journey became public. 100% of the money raised here will be split between these men to support their families as they have been without pay for nearly 300 and over 400 days respectively.

God bless y'all. 


Congressional Hearings
May 18, 2023
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Folks - first thank you for all of your generous donations to this point. They have been life sustaining to my friend Garret's family (and my own as we went 10 months without pay). 

We are on the second phase of this GSG. Garret O'Boyle and Marcus Allen will get 100% of the donations coming in from May 1st onward. My family has been passing all of the funds along for a couple months, but we are going to add Marcus's family to this. I'm proud they had the courage and integrity to speak the truth, and I know many of you have hope from listening to them stand up to this weaponized government. I'm going to post the prayer we read before their testimony and I shared on my podcast.

Thank you for the support and the prayers and well wishes. These men deserve it, but they are humbled and grateful.


Prayer before Testimony, 0855 ET 5/18/2023:

Heavenly Father, We thank you for this day and the safe travel of our brothers Marcus, Garret, and Stephen to DC. Help them to face down the enemies of this country and weather one more day with your grace and dignity despite the false and misguided purposes in those before them.

In this closing the Easter season, just days before Pentecost, send down your Holy Spirit to fill these men with the tongues of fire as of old, to make their voices heard like the driving wind in the locked room, and to dress them in the armor of your Truth. Though they may face the treacherous voices and lying tongues of those who would corrupt their virtue, help them set their faces like flint so that they may weather the spitting of dishonesty and disingenuous purpose. Guide their feet so they do not falter nor do they stumble as they walk on this unknown path - confident in your protection. Empower their voices so their words may ring clearly and their message may carry true like an arrow to the center ring. Insulate their hearts with the love of their families and these friends gathered so that they might know even if the world reviles them, their courage and honesty is a sustaining force for those without a voice and many who dare to hope. Soften the hearts of those who are attempting to excuse the evil deeds of those in our government who have betrayed the trust and weaponized our worldly rule against the people it should serve.

We ask these things in the name of your Son who told us where 2 or 3 are gathered in His name, there he would be in our midst. Let Jesus be in the midst of this spiritual battle today with Steve and Garret and Marcus and let them engage with the courage of the early disciples. Today, let thy will be done. Amen

Update 10/13/2022
October 13, 2022
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Folks, thank you to all who have contributed. Each of the emails notifying me a donation was made lights up my phone and I’m so grateful for the support. I have read the prayers sent and I am praying for safety, courage, and our country to regain the moral compass. 

We are withdrawing some of the funds today to pay a retainer for a so-far unnamed whistleblower who has received the same undeserved punishment: suspension without pay, security clearance suspended, and the FBI is actually holding his household goods hostage because they allowed him to sell his house, uproot his 4 children and wife, pack and transport his items, and then ambushed him with a phony interview with false information between duty stations. 

G.O. is a good man and a Christian. He first sent me 2 Corinthians 4:4 when we began our actions to expose what we saw wrong at the FBI. When the time is right, I expect you’ll know his name, too. Thank you for supporting a patriot who served this country in the Army and local and federal law enforcement. He is going through the rough time, and I know from experience it causes doubts. Your support and prayers will help win the day. 

Thank you and God bless you all. -Kyle 


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