Kolbe Academy and Trinity Prep, a TK-12 Catholic school in Napa, California, has almost doubled its enrollment since 2016. Since we attempt to never deny a quality Catholic education to any child, we offer very generous financial aid and operate with a small staff to save on payroll costs.

Thankfully, we have many parents who are skilled workers in construction which has allowed us to install a security gate at the front our property. This has already increased the overall safety of our campus appreciably. All of the labor and materials for the gate have been donated, but now we need to finish the project by motorizing the gate, providing a security camera, keypad, and phone communication with the front office. The entire cost of this project is $30,000.

Since we are always on a very thin margin financially, we are asking for your generous assistance to pay for this very important project. May God reward you for your generosity!