We are seeking individuals that will partner with our amazing team at King's Light Christian Academy who are dedicated to the mission of educating our youth with scholastic excellence, while being encouraged in their relationship with God and our Savior, Jesus. We operate as the family of Christ and walk that out every day to influence our youth and impact our world.

The University-Model® combines the best attributes of traditional schooling with the best attributes of homeschooling and integrates them into one model. In partnership with one another, parents and the school work together toward a mutual goal: to produce wholesome, competent, and virtuous followers of Christ who will change the world in their generation.


School Motto: “Training hearts and minds to walk worthy for the glory of God.”

School Vision: “Partnering with parents to educate with excellence and prepare students to walk worthy, impacting the world for Christ.”

School Mission: At KLCA, we equip young men and women to serve the Lord and glorify Him with their lives. Wherever they live--in the world, in the church, or in the home--we strive to prepare our students academically, spiritually, and socially.

    • Academically—KLCA students are creative, critical thinkers with a rich knowledge of God’s world, a strong work ethic, and a deep love of learning.
    • Spiritually—KLCA students are God-focused, prayerful, biblically grounded, and engaged in service to others.
    • Socially—KLCA students are valued members of a Christ-centered community where they practice giving and receiving love, discipleship, and grace.

National Association of University-Model® Schools (NAUMS) Vision: “To strengthen families and values by helping parents prepare college-worthy, character witnesses of Christ for the next generation.”


1. Love and Glorify God

Our first and most important aim at KLCA is to love and glorify God in all that we do (1Cor. 10:31, 1 Pet. 4:11).

  1. We will seek to delight ourselves in the Lord and celebrate His greatness regardless of our circumstances.
  2. We will seek a daily, close, loving, and obedient relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. We will aspire through all aspects of this ministry’s operations to be in constant, joyful, and whole-hearted submission to God’s purpose and will as revealed in the Holy Bible.
  4. We will consistently acknowledge, in word and deed, the Holy Bible as our standard of truth and final authority for faith and practice.
  5. We will challenge our staff, students, and their families to love God by becoming progressively more knowledgeable of and obedient to His will as revealed in the Bible.

2. Fulfill the Great Commission

Our second aim at KLCA is to do everything, including academic teaching, in a way that helps fulfill Christ’s commission to go and make disciples (Matt. 28:18-20).

  1. We will evaluate all aspects of this ministry by how effective they are in “partnering with parents to educate with excellence and prepare students to impact the world for Christ.”
  2. We will encourage all families to be actively involved in a local Christ-honoring church, the primary agency to which Christ gave His commission.
  3. We will encourage our students to develop their faith, love, and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ and teach them to apply a God-centered perspective in all of their studies and activities.
  4. We will cultivate within students an increased awareness of the world that exists beyond their immediate culture and comforts along with the growing understanding that God’s love and Good News are for all people everywhere.

3. Educate with Excellence

Our fourth aim at KLCA is to educate students with excellence, providing preparation for college/higher learning that is both high quality and Christ-centered (Luke 2:52; Pro. 1:2-7; 3:13-20; 4:1-9; 9:9; and 10:14).

    1. We will teach a work ethic that values doing all things “as unto the Lord” (Col. 3:23).
    2. We will promote and adhere to high academic standards.
    3. We will stress the importance of character development as a basis for true academic success and achievement.
    4. In our curriculum design and pedagogical practices, we will emphasize the acquisition and application of critical and creative thinking skills as well as the acquisition of data and the mastery of concepts.
    5. We will strive for constant and consistent improvement in our instructional methodologies.
    6. We will help and encourage our students to understand that all truth is God’s truth by integrating the Bible’s message with the content of a classroom subject.
    7. We will teach and encourage the use of good study habits. We will train our students how to engage in independent study and research.
    8. We will incorporate and integrate student activities as an important tool in the educational process.
    9. We will strive to offer a balanced treatment of the arts, humanities, and sciences.

4. Integrate Home and School

Our fifth aim at KLCA is to integrate the home and school effectively and systematically throughout the curriculum design and student activities to keep facilitating parents’ relational involvement with their children while also preparing those children for college.

    1. We will seek to develop curricular designs, instructional methods, and student-activity guidelines that effectively utilize and integrate the resources of both home and school.
    2. We will seek to establish clear guidelines defining the relationship between the home and school as educational institutions.
    3. We will seek to establish curricular and student-activity guidelines defining the respective responsibilities of the school and home instructors in the university-model system.

5. Serve Other Communities

Our sixth aim at KLCA is to reach out and serve people in other communities who need and want what University-Model Schooling offers (Matt. 9:37; Matt. 25:34-36).

    1. We will develop King’s Light Christian Academy with the care and attention needed for testing an educational model that can be used by parents and educators in other communities who are seeking better ways to teach children.
    2. We will seek ways to demonstrate effectively that the application of biblical principles on behalf of academically average students can indeed produce better college-preparatory results with less classroom time and less cost through the increased and more meaningful involvement of parents.
    3. We will seek ways to assist in the propagation of this educational model by encouraging others in the start-up and development of new UMS schools.