Stewardship Today. Hope Tomorrow.

Kingdom Treasury exists to support smaller Christian ministries and projects that across creation emphasize:

  • Rescue - Build Bridges of Trust to safely remove from danger
  • Restoration - Reestablish Life, Structural Units, and Relationships
  • Resilience - Domesticate Risk, Live Better, and Thrive with Purpose

We utilize emerging blockchain technology to allow Supported Members [“Supportee(s)”] to withdraw funds on-demand in such a way that the base continues to produce; creating an infinite well of resources and eliminating financial constraints all while helping Supportees acquire assets so they are not dependent on individual donors.

Thus allowing ministries to move closer to what they truly want...accomplishing their mission! 

You can find out more at

We have established this GSG campaign as a way to jump start the "foundation" and allow those we already support, to involve their larger donor base; while giving you the opportunity to be a part of something new, refreshing, and financially revolutionizing for Christ's Kingdom!