Feb 1, 2024 my wife Kimberly Salone was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. At this time the doctors are not sure where it originated from. They believe its from her many issues with Basal Cell Carcinoma (advanced BCC). She has a large tumor in her liver and ovaries and also what her doctor is calling "rain droplets" in her abdomen.

We are getting second opinions from Emory Cancer Center in Atlanta and are trying to get into MD Anderson in Houston TX asap.

All the while, Doctors say (since they believe that her Basal Cell is the root cause) the ONLY care she can get to help stop the spreading is a specialty drug called Erivedge. The cost for this drug is $30000 a month and our Blue Cross, Blue Shield will not cover it. We are working with a Payer Matrix to help combat the cost and we will reduce the goal dollar amount if we do not need as much money. 

She is a very loving mother and wife and a 36 year old Christian.

We have 3 kids. 
Almost 2 year old Savannah, almost 7 yr old Kingston and 14 yr old Gabe.