Ukraine fights at the forefront of the Western World. Its future is being decided now, in Ukrainian trenches, in Ukrainian cities under siege, by the Ukrainian army, volunteers, society, and the government.

Having failed to advance on the ground, Russians resorted to the heavy and indiscriminate shelling of cities, primarily Kharkiv in Eastern Ukraine. People there are forced to hide in bomb shelters and metro stations. Civilian casualties are already measured in hundreds.

New Life Atlanta, together with the participation of AltexSoft, the Kharkiv IT Cluster, and a number of local IT companies, are uniting together to support Kharkiv's men, women, and children through the most troubling time in their history.

The donations will:

  • provide food, water and shelter to the people to those in need,
  • purchase and supply medicine for basic medical needs of those with chronic diseases and for wounded civilians,
  • support the evacuations of those who need it most - women with children and the elderly.

Your generosity will help the Ukrainian people in need and support their fight for freedom!

Pictured - Kharkiv region's government building located on the Freedom square, one of the largest squares in Europe.