We have to keep up the fight.

The disastrous fallout from the recent Pandemicis has touched off wars and is already triggering massive conditions for a famine of biblical proportions. This is PANFAWAR (Pandemic Famine War).  

I have warned about PANFAWAR since January of 2020 and read dozens of books on the outcome of what we are seeing now which has happened in history. The "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" is not a children's narrative in the Bible. It is ancient wisdom on how the world works in times like this.

This is why it is critical now to keep up the on-the-ground information gathering and reporting. So we can give as many people as possible critical information that now increasingly can mean the difference between life and death.

Your support to date has allowed me and other investigative writers to get the street-level facts in Hong Kong during the insurgency and learn what totalitarian methods are used to subdue populations in an urban environment. It allowed me to follow the migrant invasion routes deep in the jungle in Central America and report to the people and Congressman to expose the human tragedy and what is in store for the US.

Currently, my team needs your help to keep up the fight.

Watch the video. This was done with your help and support. This life-saving information needs to reach American ears now more than ever. It can only do that with your support.