Service Dog & Wheelchair Van for Kayla Pollock

Campaign Created by: Veterans for Freedom

The funds from this campaign will be received by Operation Kayla.

Goal: CAD $120,000
Raised: CAD $ 108,831

In early February, just after her third COVID-19 booster shot, 36-year-old Mount Albert resident Kayla Pollock ‘lost her legs’ and fell to the ground.

Kayla could not feel her legs or lower body and wondered what the heck was going on. Within half an hour all was normal, but she thought she should see someone. Appointments are hard to come by though and the next ‘spell’ lasted 45 minutes. She decided she needed to see a neurologist and made an appointment with her doctor to get a referral. She never got to see either because on February 22 she woke up paralyzed from the neck down and had difficulty breathing.

After a long week in Emerg and an MRI, Kayla was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis caused by lesions on her spine. The doctors told her the illness was a rare and life-altering side effect of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Before February 22, Kayla worked part time at Robert Munch Public School in Mount Albert as a teaching assistant. A single mom to seven year old Mason, she also worked with exotic animals and trained dogs. Her passion was training service dogs and educating people about them through public speaking to groups and on TV and radio. She loved gardening and has an extensive exotic plant collection. She had a busy and active life.

The service dog will be provided by Julie Speyer from Canine Foundations .  Julie has over 20 years of Canine Rehabilitation experience, specializing in treating extreme Fear, Aggression and Phobia related behaviour issues. Among her many accomplishments, Julie is also a Court Recognized Expert Witness in the area of Dog Bite and Canine Behaviour Assessments. With a background as a Veterinarian Assistant, former Animal Cruelty Investigator and Animal Control Officer, Julie works closely with many Municipal Animal Shelters and organizations, such as the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers’ Association, in developing Officer Safety Training and Animal Handling programs.


Dog purchased
March 19, 2024
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Good afternoon everyone.

I'm happy to announce that the dog has been purchased for $5650 dollars plus a $900 spay that will be taking place in April!  I can confirm that the dog is now in the hands of the trainers at Canine Foundations and has begun her training.

We had originally budgeted $20,000 for the dog but the type of dog that Kayla needs is not your standard PTSD service dog, it is a more advanced service dog than originally thought that has to be able to perform more advanced functions.  The estimated cost to have the dog fully trained is between $40,000 on the low end and $65,000 on the high end.

Due to the amount of money raised, we are unable to put that money into the V4F bank accounts, therefore we are setting up a Ontario based corporation named "Operation Kayla" with a director and Kayla as the sole member.  

The primary goal of this fundraiser has been the dog and the vehicle.  Kayla requires a vehicle that is very specific to her type of wheel chair and the lowest quote we have gotten so far is roughly $110,000.  We will continue to investigate the purchase of a used model but it has been slim pickings so far.

Based on the increased cost of the dog and the price of the vehicle, we are going to bump up the amount of the fundraiser slightly in hopes of finding a used wheelchair vehicle in the near future.

Friends of the organization have stepped up and loaned the money to purchase the dog and most likely the spay cost of $900 until the corporation is setup with a bank account and the give send go can transfer the funds into said bank account.

Kayla would like to THANK YOU for all the help and support and if you would like to see the updates to Kayla's battle or email her directly, you can check out Operation Kayla at

Thank you all again,

Drew, National President of 

#OPKayla Phase 2
February 19, 2024
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Thank you all for supporting #OPKayla to get her the help she needs to deal with her catastrophic injuries.  Due to her story spreading around the globe, we believe we can fundraise enough to purchase a wheelchair van to improve her quality of life.

Kayla requires a wheelchair-capable van that is specific to the size and weight of her electric wheelchair.  There are several companies in Canada that are able to provide Kayla with the vehicle she needs.  We will be talking to several different dealerships over the next few weeks to discuss options.  As soon as quotes are available, we will post the details and update the goals.

"I prayed a few weeks ago that God would send me someone and he literally sent me an army."

                                                                                              Kayla Pollock


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