Justice for Baby Moon

Campaign Created by: Shane Cory

The funds from this campaign will be received by Michael Cory.

Goal: USD $150,000
Raised: USD $ 63,132

22 American million men feel they had no voice in the decision to abort their child.

I am one of those men.

On December 3rd, my 20-week-old son, Moon Thompson Cory had his life taken through a brutal D&E abortion. 

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I had no idea . . . 

I was not even informed of my son's death for eleven days.

He was 20-weeks-old, he was beautiful and without sin.  And his life was taken without my knowledge or consent.  Without me even being able to plead for his life.

It is tragic.

As a father of five, I would have been happy to raise baby Moon on my own.  He would have been strong and intelligent like his brothers and sisters.

But he is gone, and at his grave, I promised to take action so he would not die in vain.

Your donation will go toward lawsuits against Moon's mother, Shannon Thompson.  Along with her Leftist family and friends who conspired to take his life.

Additionally, litigation is being pursued against Shannon Thompson's employer, Capital One, who funded the abortion.

Funds will be used for all legal expenses and to reasonably provide for my family as I focus my full attention on fulfilling the promise I made to Moon.

Additionally, funds will be used for lobbying efforts to pass, "Moon's Law" which will require notification of a known father 10 days prior to an abortion taking place with an option to mediate between the mother and father.

I ask that you donate generously on behalf of my son, Moon, so his death will not be in vain.

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Update #5
February 11, 2022
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On January 22, congressional candidate Amanda Makki told Moon\'s story at a March for Life event and I\'m so thankful to Amanda for sharing his story.

Please watch here.

Also, I appeared for an hour on the T&A show to discuss Moon\\\\'s story.  It\'s a long one but I believe it\'s worth it (I haven\'t watched it as I hate seeing myself on camera).

Update #4
January 12, 2022
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So, we had court yesterday as Moon’s mother, Shannon, filed a protection order against me filled with blatant and easily refuted lies.  

It was really sad stuff as was her and her father, Chris’, performance in court.  

The Thompson family had deputies escort them to the courtroom as if I was going to attack like a rabid monkey spider.  It was so ridiculous and done to gain a sympathetic result from the judge.

Myself, my friends and family who were there couldn’t help but just shake our heads at this family who were desperate to make everyone forget that Shannon took my son’s life at 20 weeks.  

Before the hearing, her attorney made an offer: Remove her and her family’s name from my article (and future articles) and their fear of physical harm would magically dissipate and they would stop lying to the courts.  

Of course I said no.  

Thankfully, despite a poor performance by my own attorney, the judge saw through their act.  

The order was dismissed but she will likely appeal and I’ll have a muuuuch better attorney lined up.  So “kinda” a first victory.  Many more to come.  

Update #3
December 30, 2021
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It's been 27 days since Moon was killed and just 16 days since I found out and we're already making massive progress to honor him.

On Tuesday, I'm meeting with Virginia State Senator Bryce Reeves to discuss rapidly introducing "Moon's Law" so a father has a chance to plead for the life of his child.  

The Statehouse is held by Democrats currently and that will change with the next election.  But any of those Democrats who vote against Moon's Law will be called out and shamed for their lack of compassion and lack of decency on this issue.  That is a guarantee.

Additionally, multiple lawsuits are in draft to be finalized in January.  One will demand a moritorium on abortions in Virginia until proven methods to anethesize a child before ripping them apart are in place -- just as many courts have issued moritoriums on executions as "cruel and unusual" for the pain associated with their deaths.

Stay tuned . . .


Update #2
December 28, 2021
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The funeral home that sponsored Moon's burial returned my call today.  I had so many questions but they were kind enough to answer them.  Moon was buried in a white clothe casket with other babies in the same casket.  There were many caskets and approximately 50 babies buried that day in the same mass grave.  The cemetery does not permit headstone for Moon as it's a mass grave, but she said to try anyway.  Moon and all of the babies buried there should be named and remembered.  I'll do what I can to have a headstone for them all.

Update #1
December 26, 2021
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I'm in communication with local legislators to discuss Moon's Law as well as the lack of dignity of burying slain babies in mass graves in Virginia.

On Christmas morning I visited Moon and panicked as I arrived as another mass grave for babies was already there.  I was afraid I lost his place as his grave is unmarked.  Thankfully my wilted flowers from the previous week remained and I was able to pace out his grave so I can always find it.

Thank you so much for your support and know I'm doing all that I can to honor my son in the hopes that we can change hearts and laws.


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