“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” 

President Ronald Reagan

Imagine a government that would arrest and charge a person with multiple felony crimes without a shred of credible evidence. Imagine that government withholding what they are calling evidence for months, and when they release those "evidentiary" documents and videos, none of them actually show or prove any of those crimes. Imagine a government that is challenged by that defendant's attorney, who says to this governmental agency that their "evidence" doesn't show the defendant committing any crimes. And that agency responds that they know the defendant didn't do it, but they will continue to go forward with the case anyway - that sounds like a pretty corrupt government, doesn't it?

Welcome to the United States of America, 2022 version.

And welcome to my world, in which my son, Daniel, is charged with multiple felonies in federal court. The most serious charge is assault of a female police officer, who Daniel has been accused of pushing down a flight of stairs. When I learned of Daniel's arrest by the FBI, I have to admit it was my first response to think that my son must have made some horrible decisions - but I knew it certainly didn't sound like my Daniel to push anyone down a staircase, let alone a police officer and a female as well. Daniel was also charged with knowingly entering a restricted building, although video clearly shows the doors to the Capitol building open, with uniformed security guards standing by, and protestors walking in unhampered. As more and more pieces of this gigantic jigsaw puzzle began to fall in place, the picture became clearer and clearer. My son, along with almost a thousand more like him, were being persecuted by our own U.S. government who have been accused of crimes they did not do, many times at the felony level.

What happens to a person who has been charged with felonies? You might be surprised to learn that frequently they get fired from their jobs and have great difficulty finding another job. But that's only the beginning of their troubles: their bank accounts get closed. They are put on a "no fly" list, their social media accounts are closed, and Uber drivers will no longer pick them up. How does a person survive without a job or a bank account? And beyond mere survival, how does a person engage an attorney to fight these criminal charges when they have been reduced to working at the most basic levels - jobs like dishwasher, landscaping worker, fry cook - jobs that will pay employees in cash. These are all jobs that Daniel worked after he was fired from his job he had prior to his arrest. He was honestly grateful for each one, after being unemployed for months, he was eager to finally be able to earn a paycheck again. 

Maybe you're reading this because you're Daniel's friend, or a friend of his family. Thank you for reading this so far, and maybe you're outraged at the injustice Daniel is fighting against. If that's you, we would love for you to join us in support of this fight. You see, Daniel was offered a plea deal that he considered taking, which included a plea of guilty and almost 4 years in a federal prison. He was only considering this because both the prosecutors and his own attorney pressured him relentlessly to take the deal. But I am so proud of him, it took a lot of courage to tell his public defender attorney that he could not, in good conscience, testify in court that he did something that he did not do. However, we are told that a trial could cost upwards of $150,000. So I'm asking you today if you can help donate to Daniel's campaign, Justice for Daniel Gray, please donate today. I'll be adding updates here periodically so you can find out how the battle is progressing. 

One more thing: if you haven't guessed by now, Daniel is one of the January 6 defendants. So please, don't believe everything you hear and see on the mainstream news. Chances are, someone you know has a family member who is also going through the same battle as our family. We know there were some violent people in that crowd, but the vast majority of them were only there to protest peacefully. Just like Daniel.