Joy Davidson, a wife to her husband Joel and mother to her eight children (ranging from a freshman in college to 3-years-old) has been diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer which has metastasized. 

To spend time with Joy is to discover what you love about your own life, and to find a friend in her means that she will ferociously defend your beloved roles as sincerely as she does her own. She does not speak poorly of others, even in the face of profound betrayal and disappointment. Do you know how rare that is? She loves her town, her mountains, and her church so dearly. Rarely have we witnessed her as needing the help of others - she's normally tending to them, with a most generous heart. We have countless visions of her pounding the pavement, the snowbanks, and city hall, fearlessly building up a culture of life. Her deepest happiness is her large family. Their traditions and hospitality mark the seasons for other families, as we trust they will for many years to come. 

We are asking for prayer warriors to storm heaven for miraculous healing for Joy but we are also asking for financial help for their family during this time. Joel is self-employed running The Alaska Watchman and Joy homeschools 7 of her 8 kids full time. 

The Davidsons will be hit with a lot of medical bills as well as travel costs as Joy is hoping to seek treatment in the Lower 48. These funds will help immensely with Joel taking time off of work + all the bills and extra costs that will pile on. 

Even the smallest donation adds up! During this season of Lent we ask you to consider directing your almsgiving & generosity towards this incredible family who is truly entering into the desert with Our Lord. Please share this fundraiser far and wide so we can get as much support as possible for this family! 

If you are local to the Valley/Anchorage area and would like to help physically please see the emails below. 

Dani Witczak (meals)

Mary Ellen Grandel (household tasks)

Theresa Imlach (prayer warriors)