First and foremost is difficult for me to even write this just because I have a hard time asking for help. Many of you know me as Jo, a medical freedom activist that spoke out against lockdowns and mandates from the very beginning. I worked for the school system and was let go after I refused to take the covid vaccine. Since then, I have suffered a lot emotionally, physically and financially. Our lives have not been the same. I started developing a thyroid problem back in 2017 but it was not noticeable then. By the year 2019, it was noticeable that there was some nodules. I tried seeking medical attention and was dismissed by the doctor. All she said was to take it out and provided me with a list of surgeons. Unfortunately, months later everything shutdown and I became vocal against the restrictions. I hit the streets nonstop desperately trying to wake up New Yorkers! I am now really sick and have lost a lot of weight. I am tired all the time and sometimes can't get out of bed. I now have a goiter thats very visible. I had a job but it has been put on pause since the person I worked for was sent to the hospital about 10 days ago. I am starting treatment with a holistic doctor and do not have the funds. It hurts me having to do this as I never thought that I would be in a situation like this ever in my life, in which I would have to ask others for financial assistant. Any help that I can get, would be greatly appreciated!