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Campaign Created by: Josh Who

The funds from this campaign will be received by Josh Dufer.

Monthly Goal: USD $1,500
Raised this month: USD $100
Total Raised: USD $ 622

My main goal is to have a media content delivery network for the public to use, to get their voices out and bypass all the censorships for free.

Our Services allows individuals to create their own TV channels, Email, Social Profiles, and be able to broadcast to the world and build a business off of them if wanted to.

We have Live Streaming, Video uploading, with Free Roku support for you to easily make a Roku channel out of your JoshWho TV channel, and a podcast rss feed you can submit to other directories. 

My name is Josh and I created the free speech video & Live Streaming service called JoshWhoTV .
I have the mind of a silicon valley brat but no funds to go with it. I really need some financial help to make this bigger and better.
JoshWho TV has been a Idea I had for a long time and I have been slowly building my dream for the last 4 years.
You can check it out here JoshWho TV 
Creators are able to self monetize with any ad network they signup with and they are able to submit their ad code to their channels and get their full ad rev from whatever company they went with.
JoshWho TV is a Public Service Prover protected under Section 230 of the communications decency act.
Our obligation is to keep this as a service provider so we can help serve the public in assisting them with free media storage and content delivery network to help them reach their Following, Subscribers, or Potential customers depending however they want to use it.


Update #1
April 16, 2022
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Transparency is Key

Most Alternative Platforms Still act as Gatekeepers
and do not want you to know how many views you really get.

This is done so they can control who is going to be a influencer
to help promote their platform, and control narratives.

They reward the larger creators to keep bringing
more of their subscribers over.
Gatekeepers are what is wrong with our world, and is why nothing seems organic anymore.

Here we have a full analytics system built in and have
our advance JoshWho Analytics
 you can add to your channel to show
you where all your traffic comes from and how
much traction you are gaining with your subscribers.

Please share us around to your friends and family.
Large YT channels are afraid to mention us for some reason so please
help break the cycle.


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